Mizuki Nana @ Anipara – Omoi… Wow, old stuff are old o.O

A little new segment I’ll be starting from now on is this one: Random Findings. I always come across interesting/amusing/fun stuff, but putting a full post up seems kind of meh, so I’ll just post shorties from now on.

Here’s today’s little discovery: Nana singing Omoi (her debut song!) on Anipara!! Anipara Ongakukan is an anisong music program btw. I’ve seen all sorts of anisong singers (popular and not) singing on it, but what’s special about this video is how OLD it is. Another one might’ve been on youtube before, but someone just uploaded this new one recently, and I now saw it for the first time, and all I could think of… Ooooooooooold. Seriously, how long ago was this? 8-9 years ago o.O? Amazing… This is the perfect way of comparing Debut-Nana with Current-Nana, so watch, and judge for yourself :p


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