Happy Birthday Nana-chan!!!


Woohoo, she just turned 30 O.O Erm, I mean, congrats Nana-chan, on turning 17 at last ^^

Yes yes, I know my birthday post is late, but remember it’s GMT +1 here XD Timing is important *nods* Anyway, not gonna make this anything fancy. Congrats to Nana on all her recent achievements ^^ This last year has been full of stuff to celebrate regarding her, and trust me when I say that she’s deserved every single one of those achievements (and any more to come at that).

I look forward to the day I see her here in Europe~ (But I suppose Asia probably comes first >.<)

Uhm, yeah, once again, Happy Birthday Mizuki Nana (誕生日おめでとう (Tanjoubi Omedetou), Feliz Cumpleaños, etc etc (I’m out of languages ’cause I’m not sure how to say it in my own language orz)) and let’s hope this next year is full of more nice Nana-things to blog about ^^


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