Mizuki Nana, Silent Bible PV finally streamed!! Probably one of the best J-PVs I've ever seen O.O

Wow, just wow. ‘S all that went through my head when I watched the thing for the first time… Where to start…? First off, there’s the vast array of looks in the PV, from winter (complete with cute fluffy hood), to a worn out Nana (is it normal to find boro-boro Nana so hawt -_-;;?), to emotional with weird big ribbon Nana, to rich-looking Nana, and uhh, my favorite, Goddess Nana ^^

At first I thought Nana-chan was wearing some weird Nun outfit while holding “the Bible”, and I remembered Fever’s lolz Nun outfit and was like, oh boy, this is gonna be bad. But nope, turned out to be a nice, simple, coat ^^ The poses Nana strikes while in that outfit kept reminding me of something too, and I finally remembered. The Shin Ai single tokuten!! Only in this case it’s a black hood, rather than a white one.

Then came the Nana sprawled on the floor while looking all worn out and stuff and I was like… *hugs* *pats* “It’s ok, Nana-chan, I’ll protect you”… Not that I could really do any of these, I just imagined doing them ^^; Then came up Nana with the weird black outfit and the band in the background and all I saw was that huge ribbon on her head… Not sure what THAT reminded me of, but anyway. Oh yeah, the part where her arm goes on fire (kinda) while in that outfit really made me go “ooooooooooo” and I realized how childish that was of me orz

The yellow?-ish outfit was kinda weird. Not sure what its supposed to represent. The feeling I got was that it’s supposed to represent a well-off or rich Nana? Sorry, not much of a poetic person here, so I don’t really get those stuff XD I just saw it as some medieval noble… or something.

Anyway, then the best part. The blue dress and the blue sky… Truly a Goddess @.@ I remember Elisa’s Wonder Wind PV having something similar, but bleh, can’t compare to this XD Nana-chan (or should it be -sama here?) finally looked like the Goddess that she is ^^ (To us Nanatards anyway =3)

Eeeeeh, ok, enough ranting I suppose. Awesome PV is awesome. They obviously put some real effort for once in this, so good for Nana (and for us of course :p). She just turned my crappy day into a blessing ^^ Now I just love the Silent Bible song even more~


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