Silent Bible streamed!! I just know that the Nanoha game is gonna rock XP

EDIT: Someone was nice enough to put the Mugen no Frontier EXCEED video on youtube. Video embedded at the bottom of the post~

Is it me or are Nana’s recent songs starting to sound kind of too similar? I want Agematsu’s epic arrangements back >.< But anyway, I don’t care, this song’s really nice 😀 I luuuuuuuuuuurve the intro to bits, hehehehehe ^^ And for all the Eternal Blaze-tards out there, hands down, this one’s waaaay awesomer (yes, I’m aware that’s not a word. Firefox kinda tells me anyway).

Anyway, most outstanding parts have to be the fast-paced lyrics bits. I can already imagine Nana-chan liking to sing it live ’cause of that. Which makes me think… Nana’s concerts from now on are REALLY going to become more like Nanoha concerts instead o.O She should get together with Yukarin (and maybe Ueda Kana so we can get Snow Rain too <3) and have their own little Nanoha-only concert or something XD Wait, we’ve been wanting that for ages now anyway, don’t think a couple more songs are gonna make a difference… But one never knows ^^ Let’s all pray together for a Nanoha concert!!!

*cough* Yeah, me will just shut up now and keep looping the thing ^^ Studying be damned XD

P.S. Not sure how many people bother checking my tweets, but yesterday I tweeted something about UNCHAIN∞WORLD being up, kind of. It’s actually used as the background song for a video of the game it’ll belong to (Mugen no Frontier EXCEED). You can listen to it here. Just try ignoring the annoying voices of the characters and stuff >.< Oh, and excuse the nico nico douga link, but I’m not really gonna bother putting it up on youtube when it’s part of a video like that =/ The whole thing will probably get streamed properly on the radio in a few days anyway~


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