PHANTOM MINDS debutes at Oricon n.1!!!!!!!

The definite proof :p

First off: Omedetou, Nana-chan!!!!!!! (would put 21 !s, since it’s her 21st single, but I’d say 7 are enough ^^;)

Anyway, apart from the fact that we all knew it had to happen anyway, I originally saw the news this morning, but since it wasn’t on Oricon’s official page yet, I figured I’d wait. But then I had to go to class and bla bla bla

Let’s just all celebrate with a huge CONGRATS to Nana-chan *grin*

P.S. Seeing that huge difference between her and the single on 2nd place, I say it’s pretty safe to assume she’ll get the top spot on Oricon weekly as well, so here’s an early BANZAI to that too~


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