Orchid Seed’s Seena Kanon [Shining Wind] : It’s awesomer in real life XD

Excuse the tardiness, but it’s finally here! My review of Orchid Seed’s Seena (from Shining Wind)!! Between being away when it arrived, and looping Mizuki Nana’s Live DiamondxFever since the minute I got my hands on it… Yeah, this ended up taking a bit too long to get written. But oh well, here it is now~

Basic front shot~

Before I say anything about the actual figure, let me mention that I love that Tony illustration (you know, the one the figure’s based on) to bits. It was like, seeing it for the first time and falling in love (at first sight XD). Of course, this gives the figure lots of +s with me on the go. When I knew it was gonna be turned into figure, I knew I had to get it. The only problem… It better be GOOD.

Thankfully Orchid Seed didn’t disappoint this time around, but since I’m pretty much used to Alter’s quality, I still had a lot of hesitations about the figure (at first).

Hair tips feel a bit sluggish =/

Hair tips seem a bit sluggish =/

This side looks kinda better XD

This side looks kinda better XD

The last image on top is the most noteworthy one, mainly because this is what made me sigh out in relief once I had the figure in my hands. Apparently, this is the kind of figure where the saying “pictures don’t do her justice” applies. Whereas Alter has the most awesome hairs you can think of usually, this figure seemed to have rather plain hair in the pictures. But apparently the hair looks a lot livelier in real life, hence why none of the pictures above really portray the figure’s awesomeness XD (Closest would be that last one I mentioned.) Yup, this is the kind of figure that you need to have in your own hands to appreciate ^^

One of the awesome-est bases evar XD?

bed time for the kiddies :p

Sword tip fits in perfectly in one of the gaps~

No complaint about the base, whatsoever XD I mean, it’s one of the main selling points of the figure IMO. I suppose they could have tried making it look less “plasticized” but lets not forget the price of the figure in the first place XD And it looks rather realistic from mid-distance anyway, which is more than I can ask for. People don’t usually peep at every single detail anyway, that’s just for reviews :p

without the sword, for a somewhat clearer view~

mmm legs =3

Did I mention how much I love this hairstyle XD?

The back... for the heck of it =x

I suppose you could kind of say that this is the kind of figure that you should just take as a whole, rather than bit by bit… Wait, doesn’t that apply to almost all figures anyway o.O?

Small boxes ftw XD


2D vs 3D

The figure really is quite faithful to the original, except the clock’s time for some reason XD And the head angle I suppose, but that’s hardly worth mentioning.

More comparisons: Max Factory vs Orchid Seed - similar panties lol

For all you pervs :p Being able to remove the skirt was a surprise XD

lol pose o.O?

I noticed that dirt thing after taking the pic, but no worries, it got cleaned off after a couple of wipes XD

I don’t really have much else to say anymore. I ended up being a lot happier with the figure than I thought I would be (isn’t that kind of always the case XD?). Now I just wish I never bought that Max Factory one >_> The again, I got it at the sales for a 45% discount, so whatever XD Seena ftw anyway~

Love everything about the face ^^

Next up should be Hatsune Miku: World is mine review. Black Rock Shooter should be following soon too… And White Album’s Morikawa Yuki as well… And then maybe Feito-chan at the end of the month? …my poor wallet ToT


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  1. Firearky January 12, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Hmmm… nice pics there… what camera do you use btw? XDDD