Happy New Year ^^ Awesome way to wake up with awesome news from Ayane~

Yes, that's supposed to be Ayane :p

Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!! あけましておめでとう (Akemashite Omedetou)!!!

Yeah, you get the point ^^ Gonna make this short ’cause I’m suffering through horrible lack of sleep @.@

Woke up on the new years and started checking some stuffs, and the nicest thing I read (apart from all the awesome Nana Kouhaku stuffs of course =3) is that… *drum rolls* Ayane’s new single release date!!!

banzai! Banzai!! BANZAI!!!

Release date will be: March 10th (2010 of course) and the title is: “Angelic bright”~! (I wonder if Ayane knows that you’re supposed to start all the words of a title (except the usual a, of, etc) with a capital… Oh well, she’s cute like that XD Better than writing it all in capital a la Nana =x)

Anyway, Ayane didn’t mention the single being connected to any anime/game, so it might actually be a standalone one ^^ I like the title for now (sounds… happy XD) so definitely looking forward to this~

P.S. This means that I’ll be getting 3 awesome singles per month (with some other, not-so-important ones in between of course) until March lol (Jan: PHANTOM MINDS. Feb: SILENT BIBLE. Mar: Angelic bright). Not sure about April, but with some luck Nana might release a new album around May or something =D (in time for my b-day this time hopefully, since UD got delayed until way after it >.<).

OK, I think I’m getting a bit too ahead of myself here XD It’s still the New Year’s~

P.P.S. I want to go back soooooo bad. Now I have TWO figure waiting for me (Seena and Miku) plus Live DiamondxFever. Never thought I’d ever hate holidays this much @.@


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  1. npal January 1, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    >_> Year started bad… Oh well…