Mizuki Nana's Juujika no Spread + Song Communication full versions!! Oh, and 6s of totally emotional PHANTOM MINDS

wo wo, wo wo, la la, la la, la la, I smile for you~

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to say something. Erm, no time no time. Lets see, I took a little break from entertaining my dad’s clients (honestly, what kind of people ask you to pick out their house tiles for them >_>?) and checked youtube to see if the Phantom Minds PV was still up (since niconico douga doesn’t work that well here) and BOOM, I see three awesome videos up instead πŸ˜„ First off, 6 short seconds of the upcoming Music Japan Anisong SP2, showing, of course, Nana’s PHANTOM MINDS live performance πŸ˜€ My main reaction… DAMN she’s being emotional πŸ˜„ This should be a rather fun to watch in a concert ^^ Oh yeah, for those unaware, MJ Anisong SP2 will air on January 10th… I think.

Next, full version of Juujika no Spread. No idea where it came from, since I haven’t been following stuff like Smile Gang or whatever lately (no internet wtf@#&7) so let’s just take it with ignorant joy ^^

The Shining Force Cross opening was already released some time ago, so I had already listened to part of song. The best part… IT RHYMS!! I honestly don’t remember the last time I heard an anisong that rhymed =x Nana’s voice is also pretty awesome in it. Reminds me kinda of Tenkuu no Canaria, but that’s good ^^

Now, the surprise song:

Mainstream much? But funnily enough, Nana’s more mainstream-sounding songs have been on a higher level than her anisong-sounding ones o.O And I’m saying this as a person that totally ignores mainstream and only likes anisong usually o.O

The song itself reminds me a bit of a Maria&Joker (the intro at least)+Brand new tops (the wo wo wo thing)+Perfect Smile (the cheeeeeeese) mix. It’s honestly darn cheesy, but in that nice way that only Nana manages πŸ˜„ OMG, it’s songs like these that remind me of how much I’ve changed from listening to depressed Three Days Grace/Papa Roach to, well, this πŸ˜„

Anyway, PHANTOM MINDS is also shaping up really well this time ^^ Although, it’s kinda lacking any SPECIAL song… Still “Don’t be long” left, maybe it’ll be something like Take a shot =x You never know~


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