Mizuki Nana's Juujika no Spread + Song Communication full versions!! Oh, and 6s of totally emotional PHANTOM MINDS

wo wo, wo wo, la la, la la, la la, I smile for you~

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to say something. Erm, no time no time. Lets see, I took a little break from entertaining my dad’s clients (honestly, what kind of people ask you to pick out their house tiles for them >_>?) and checked youtube to see if the Phantom Minds PV was still up (since niconico douga doesn’t work that well here) and BOOM, I see three awesome videos up instead XD First off, 6 short seconds of the upcoming Music Japan Anisong SP2, showing, of course, Nana’s PHANTOM MINDS live performance 😀 My main reaction… DAMN she’s being emotional XD This should be a rather fun to watch in a concert ^^ Oh yeah, for those unaware, MJ Anisong SP2 will air on January 10th… I think.

Next, full version of Juujika no Spread. No idea where it came from, since I haven’t been following stuff like Smile Gang or whatever lately (no internet wtf@#&7) so let’s just take it with ignorant joy ^^

The Shining Force Cross opening was already released some time ago, so I had already listened to part of song. The best part… IT RHYMS!! I honestly don’t remember the last time I heard an anisong that rhymed =x Nana’s voice is also pretty awesome in it. Reminds me kinda of Tenkuu no Canaria, but that’s good ^^

Now, the surprise song:

Mainstream much? But funnily enough, Nana’s more mainstream-sounding songs have been on a higher level than her anisong-sounding ones o.O And I’m saying this as a person that totally ignores mainstream and only likes anisong usually o.O

The song itself reminds me a bit of a Maria&Joker (the intro at least)+Brand new tops (the wo wo wo thing)+Perfect Smile (the cheeeeeeese) mix. It’s honestly darn cheesy, but in that nice way that only Nana manages XD OMG, it’s songs like these that remind me of how much I’ve changed from listening to depressed Three Days Grace/Papa Roach to, well, this XD

Anyway, PHANTOM MINDS is also shaping up really well this time ^^ Although, it’s kinda lacking any SPECIAL song… Still “Don’t be long” left, maybe it’ll be something like Take a shot =x You never know~


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