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Clannad Winter

Unfortunately, I'll be going to place where it'll probably NEVER snow -_-;

First off, *bows* sumimasen >.< I know I haven’t updated in ages, even though so many Nana news are going around regarding Kouhaku and stuff (She’s gonna sing Shin Ai in it!!! *gets a tomato thrown at her*)… Yeah, me really fails as a Nanatard T_T I was also supposed to post something about Alter’s Feito-chan, but stuff happened I now I won’t be getting her until end-Jan @.@ And just for the record, Nanoha will also be arriving late. Had to reserve her from our local anime shop instead, since I couldn’t get Seena+Yuki+Nanoha all in one go…

Erm, as for the holidays and what-not, I’m going to some Gulf country called Oman. Don’t ask what I’ll be doing there, the answer’s simple: boring myself to death while trying not to kill someone as I think of the Live DiamondxFever lying around at home unattended (as well as the Seena figure, but I think it’s pretty obvious which one’s priority =x). With some luck, I’ll be able to download the thing while away so, fingers crossed, I might actually post something about it before New Year’s.

So far, my return date is set on the 7th (oh the irony -_-) but I’ll do anything and everything to try and get back sooner >.< Me also promises to post more in general once I get back ^^; I suppose posting almost everyday like I used to at first is a bit hard taking into consideration Uni+Work, but I’ll try *nods*

Just wish me luck trying to get back asap~


2 responses to “News/Updates/whatever you wanna call it

  1. Firearky December 21, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    Awww… good luck honey. I’m sure that before you realize you’ll be back and watching your wonderful Live DiamondxFever BD in YOUR brand new PS3 ^.^

  2. npal December 21, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Yes, we all pity you :p Although I still feel you should have had slighty more choice than this, it’s not the first time it happens :p