Salon del Manga de Barcelona – Spain's biggest anime fair!!


Got free tickets from work ^^

While I usually complain about nothing interesting happening around here, it IS true that at least once a year a somewhat decent anime festival takes place, and that would be “El Salon del Manga de Barcelona”. Usually, there are a lot more “Salon del Manga” taking place around Spain, but the one in Barcelona is by far the biggest and the most popular XD

I personally never had the chance to go ’cause it’s kinda far (takes 3+ hours to get there by car from where I live >.<) and I never really had anyone to go with until recently XD This year, we only decided to go a couple of days before the last day!! The thing lasts 4 days usually (from Thursday until Sunday) but we only managed Sunday this time ’cause of how messed up schedules were >.< Hopefully next year we’ll manage to make it to more days XD

Around 8:50 am

Around 8:50 am

Had to wake up at 4 am that day so we could get there on time >.< Luckily we made it there over an hour early, so (as you can see) the queue infront of us was still rather small XD We could already see some cosplayers around though :p (The Miku infront of us being the most obvious XP)


Doors open at 10 am~

The difference between Spain and Japan: people here just jump into the queue when they feel like it. I mean, those are a lot more than what was originally in front of us XD


Failed shot from above >.<


Sunday crowd is supposedly "not much" ^^;

I was gawking at the amount of people there, but I was told that Sunday actually has much less of a bustle than Friday or Saturday o.O Must see with my own eyes to confirm XD Oh, I was also told that on Saturdays, you could find one cosplayer for each normally clothed person… As in, 50-50 O.O And speaking of cosplays:


Bobobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) + King Nikochan (Dr. Slump) + Norimaki Senbei (Dr. Slump) + ???

I know I’ve seen the guy at the very right, but it’s just not clicking in my mind right now XD And damn, just looking the Nikochan cosplay make’s me get all sweaty -_- Dunno how they could stand that thing XD


Arale (Dr. Slump) + Torpedo Girl (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

The Arale cosplay had to be one of the cutest around XD But nothing beat this in cuteness:


Chii (Chobits)

I was kinda shy of asking people to let me take pictures of them at first, but when I saw this cutie, I just HAD to XD She’s even holding that little animal thing from the books Chii reads >.< Gaah, omochikaeriiiiiiiii~ Oh, speaking of:


Ryuugu Rena (Higurashi) + Furude Rika (Higurashi)

Not really sure what to make of these two ^^; The cleaver and needle were a nice touch, but yeah, moving on~


Kisame (Naruto) + Goku (Dragon Ball) + Gaara (Naruto)

I gotta give it to the kids, their cosplays were pretty impressive o.O Not just these ones, there were some other ones around that had nice stuffs (like the 2 cute girls at the top as well :p) Although, there were also too many Luffy cosplays by kids that just made me sigh…


Soi Fong (Bleach) + Kyouraku Shunsui (Bleach)

I liked the guy’s cosplay a lot more =/


Inuyasha + Sesshoumaru + Miroku (all Inuyasha)

At least they tried ^^; Miroku Prolly looks best here XD


Sora (Kingdom Hearts) + Sora (Kingdom Hearts) + Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

I’m sure you’re starting to notice the “mainstream-ness” going around here XD Weeaboos will always be weeaboos after all :p Although I gotta admit this Naruto was pretty cool XD Now, it’s not all mainstream though =3


Me only recognizes Marisa and Reimu (Touhou Project) >.< Any idea about the rest?

Seeing Touhou chars there was a REAL shock XD And it wasn’t just one random person, but a group of girls o.O I actually had to remind myself that I had a cam at this point ^^;


Tsukiyomi Ikuto (Shugo Chara!)

Seeing a Shugo Chara! cosplay was also quite a surprise o.O Especially when it’s a grown up male XD Prolly watches the thing for the loli :p (Don’t think anyone else is crazy enough to watch the thing just for Nana like me >_>;)


Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)

This one was kinda lol… I was trying to take a picture of something else, and I suddenly see a blob of green hair passing somewhere in front of me, so I literally RAN to get to her o.O I suppose having just watched that Macross F live thing kinda got to me XD I mean really, I actually bumped into several people before getting to her >.< Oh, and that thing she’s holding is supposedly that weird frog thing that Ranka uses as a… phone?


C.C. + Lelouch Lamperouge (all Code Geass)

Bwahahahaha, C.C.xLulu ftw XD All you KallenxLulu people can go sulk in your little corners :pppp Oh yeah, this one was also quite a surprise :p Especially since I had been talking with my boyfriend that day about cosplaying together as Lulu and C.C. for next year XD The plan is either that, or Fate and Chrono, but then I’d be calling him Onii-chan instead :p


Sebastian Michaelis + Ciel Phantomhive (all Kuroshitsuji)

Kuroshitsuji is REALLY popular here for some reason XD Although, I’m not entirely sure about these guys, since I haven’t watched Kuroshitsuji… But that’s them no o.O?



I suppose this can also be called cosplay, no? I mean, seeing as we’re not in Japan after all =x


Gino Weinberg (Code Geass)

I think that’s supposed to be Gino at least XD And yes, that would be me beside him :p


Takamachi Nanoha (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Does she REALLY need any introduction XD Yay, I got a picture with Nanoha ^^ This one was actually the first one I took a pic with. I mean really, it’s Nanoha-chan XD I just had to :p


Lavi (D.Gray-man)

Awesome cosplay is awesome XD We were actually leaving here, but damn, this Lavi was too good to just pass by :p


Polka (Eternal Sonata)/Trusty Bell chopin no yume

My boyfriend with a cutie >.< Talk about feeling lol when he asked me to take a picture of them together XD I think this was the very first pic we took, ’cause he really wanted to :p The good thing about that is that it kinda broke the ice at last and I finally started asking people to let me take pics of them XD


Edea (Final Fantasy VIII)

Now it’s my boyfriend with a hot chick >.< Only reason I let this one slip by is ’cause we were already leaving at this point and I was too happy with the cosplays we saw right before this one (btw I’m not really that much of a jealous person XP)~


Kagamine Len + Kagamine Rin + Hatsune Miku + Akaito (all Vocaloid)

This set HAD to be by far the best around XD Pity they weren’t very expressive, but the cosplays were really well done. I mean, there were COUNTLESS Mikus around, but this was the only one with a mic for example o.O


Yoko + Kamina (all Gurren Lagann)

As we left the place to go to lunch, I thought that would be the last of cosplays I was gonna see, but boy was I mistaken XD The mall beside the building where the event was being held was packed with people and cosplayers XD It was as if I hadn’t left the building after all :p


What better than getting lunch at a Japanese restaurant? Or so we thought...

When we saw the looong queues for lunch at ALL the restaurants, we ended up giving up and just went home already… Ended up eating sandwiches at a random rest place by the highway -_-; This whole trip was rushed really, since we had to get back early for a few reasons >.< I definitely left wanting more =x

Now, cosplays and lunch aside, here are some pics of the random shops and whatnot~


Probably the stand with the most random objects XD


Sushi cushions for the win XP


Random display stand o.O Nothing to buy here =x


Sexy gender bender Naruto cosplay?


"Yaoi for Freaks" XD Awesome original namings lol


Traditional Japanese on the left, Visual Kei on the right. That's a good depiction of Japan XD


Out of place Batman statue much?


Random drawings/writings by random people~


Yup, we had our own stand there too!! Kinda why I got the free tickets :p

I was too caught up with the cosplays to really take pictures of the whole thing, but what you see here is pretty much what was all around the place ^^ As for actual events and whatnot, there were actually quite a few, with the most noticeable being Yuka’s appearance (this would be the singer who sang the Kiddy Grade opening btw). She only performed on Thursday though, and I didn’t really care about her, I didn’t bother much with it. There was also some visual key band playing, and some mangaka signing autographs and stuff, but I really wasn’t interested in any of them XD

What did frustrate me though was when I learned that Jam Project was actually invited to this event a few years ago o.O I was frikkin living in Dubai at the time though >.< Missed my chance of seeing Makkun T_T Hopefully they’ll get them again some time >.<

There were several mini events going around the place, including a cosplay contest of Saturday, but with all the rush and stuff, we really didn’t have much time to enjoy much. Next year we’ll try being a bit more organised ^^;

Finally, to finish this off, a little recap on what I bought:


Kiddy Grade figure x2, Code Geass necklace, Code Geass neckalce + ring, Hatsune Miku wallet, Magic Knight Rayearth character CD Album, Code Geass cushion

Lets see… The Kiddy Grade thing was a gift from my bf… I just pointed out that they looked amazing taking into consideration their price (only 25 euros both o.O), and he went and got it. I’m keeping Lumiere now, and he’s keeping Eclair ^^ The Geass necklace was also a present. We got matching ones :p The necklace+ring I got even when knowing that the ring is way too big for my. I just put it on the chain along with the symbol thing and I’m using them as pant chains (or whatever they’re called).

Miku wallet to replace my old D.Gray-man one ^^ This one has a lot more card slots and a coin pouch, so it’s way better XD The Rayearth CD was a rare find =3 They actually had all the Rayearch CDs, including soundtracks and whatnot, but I really had to hold back on buying them all >.< Maybe next year when I don’t have to save up for excess of Nana goodies XP And lastly the cushion was just ’cause yes XD It looks nice, and my Nanoha cushion is too small anyway. Now it has company~

I originally went there with the intention of not buying anything at all ’cause I kinda have to save up, but being there in the atmosphere just gets to you >.< Not that I regret any purchase. I never do XD

Anyway, I probably should’ve split this post in two, but I really didn’t think it’d turn out this long XD Doesn’t matter, too sleepy now >.< Let’s just look forward to next year and hope it’ll all be a bit more organised~


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