Why do a bunch of promo stuff fall out of every single Mizuki Nana CD XD??

Cover kinda looks better when you have it your own hands, but I still don't like it much >_>

The cover looks much better when you have the thing in your own hands... But I still don't like it much >_>

Weeee, it’s finally here XD Damn that was fast o.O I mean, the thing was supposed to be on sale on the 28th, it’s the 29th today and it’s already here XD Sure, they did ship it 2 days early (is that normal by the way? I know CDs are usually shipped one day before actual release date >_> ‘the hell, you can even buy them in normal shops one day before XD but not 2 :p Not that I’m complaining of course XD) but the thing still got here really fast *grin*


This should be called "fail press edition" XD

For some reason… I’m not particularily excited about this single… Although the songs are all awesome, but it’s just… Well, I suppose Nana ranking 4th was annoying (although she did climb up to 3rd now >.<) and the crappy cover work and stuff is also a bit of turn off I suppose >.< But at least now that I managed to listen to the album properly, I realise the music wasn’t as messed up as it seemed in the leak XD I still think the quality could’ve been better, but oh well =/


Now really... WHO would be happy when they see something this lolz as they open a CD jacket >_>?

But enough bitching and onto the actual songs XD I already mentioned that my track preference order was 3,1,2,4, let’s see why:

Mugen was awesome the minute I heard it. Sure some parts are messed up and the music feels a bit all over the place, but Nana’s voice is frikkin’ awesome in it. Not to mention the lyrics are really nice. The music itself can be really good in some parts, but kinda of fails to deliver in some other. All in all though, it’s a good track. Pity it had a crappy PV >_>;

Tenkuu no Canaria is a strong, energetic song. Kind of like some of the songs in Nana’s Alive & Kicking album, but with improved vocals (she just keeps getting better and better ^^) and more consistent music. Lyrics are Hibiki’s so that’s kinda immediate win in my dictionary too XD

Dear Dream just makes me think… “SUSUME GO GO!” XD Fun songs are fun ^^ I remember saying the title kinda reminded me something out of Shugo Chara!… Well, the first notes that play in the song DO sound like some of the songs Buono! did for the series, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing XD Sure it sounds a bit rough, but it’s just too much fun I can’t help not loving it XD I suppose not everyone will agree with me on this one though ^^;

STORIES has to be my least favorite… Mostly ’cause it’s slightly boring and doesn’t really stand out in comparison to the rest. It’s a nice popish song though. Doesn’t try reaching where it can’t (unlike a certain Mugen song :p) but it doesn’t particularily fail in any aspect. It’s pretty much a nice listen for when one is in a good mood (without being ridiculously hyper :p) but I suppose the fact that I’ve kinda been in the clouds lately made it so I wouldn’t like the song as much o.O

And with this, we’re done with Mugen ^^ But Nana has more plans for our wallets XD I’m pretty sure this isn’t news for anyone anymore, but Nana’s 21st album already got announced ^^ It’ll be released on the 13th of January. 3 songs have been decided so far (2 Nanoha movie songs and 1 other one) but it’s already confirmed that the single will contain 4 songs so… Hurray for another maxi-single!! Nana doesn’t seem to be getting any breaks lately… I wonder if she realises that this means my wallet won’t be getting one either~


3 responses to “Why do a bunch of promo stuff fall out of every single Mizuki Nana CD XD??

  1. MeGaMRedZ November 11, 2009 at 3:21 am

    Hi there,

    Mega here…

    You’ve finally have your own Nana’s Mugen Single. Is there any chance on translating the Mugen’s song (Just wondering though)?

    • Re-Hikari November 11, 2009 at 9:37 am

      Oh, there’s no translation available online? Now that’s weird… I hadn’t noticed since I kind of don’t need to look for one, but I just assumed the net would be filled with translations already XD

      Oh well, I suppose I could give it a try. Expect it to be out sometime around the weekend~

      • MeGaMRedZ November 20, 2009 at 9:08 am

        I found only the Kanji and Romaji but some of the translations for English are literally and I mean literally translated using Google’s Translation Engine – lol, that’s not good though. I can translated it one by one but I’m not good as you in translating those in English.

        Thanks and I’m really looking forward on the translations.