Finally got my hands on Kotobukiya's Kureha!! Late figures are late, but damn was it worth it XD


Not the original image, but this was on the box anyway XD

Bwahahaha, ok, the dangers of working at an anime shop are finally showing XD If I hadn’t been working here, I wouldn’t have known that almost all the figures were being taken to some anime fair, and Kureha would’ve left and my wallet would’ve been saved, but alas, I’m not so lucky (or my wallet isn’t anyway; I’m happy with the figure =3). Erm, to make it clearer, what I mean is that one random day when I went to the shop to work, I found the owners packing stuffs up, and they told me that if I wanted any of the figures, I had to tell them then and there, so yeah, instincts took over and before I knew it, I was buying this lovely Kureha and taking her home =)


Thank goodness its a small box >_> I'm already dreading Fate's box whenever it arrives >.<

Not much to comment on the box… I like the symbol carved at the sides of it, but I kinda forgot to take pictures of that ^^;


I wonder why they made the face so pale o.O


side 1 = sexy leg 😀


Side 2 = even sexier leg XD


love the hair and the ribbon >.<

I’m kind of used to figures full of life, so Kureha feels a bit dull in comparison. Now, it’d actually be kinda weird if that weren’t the case though, ’cause Kureha herself is that much of lively character. You can just look at the array of expressions she has in the game and compare them to, say, Seena or Houmei, and it’s pretty easy to spot. Clalaclan is also like that, but I suppose its all got to do with the character type XD Kureha is one of the few soft spoken characters that I like, so yeah ^^ (and no, it has nothing to do with Hocchan being her seiyuu >.<)

As for the pose… Well, unlike the other 2 figures that were made of her (by Max Factory and Presiden Japan), this one isn’t based off any picture from the Shining Wind illustration book, so I suppose some flaws were bound to appear. Particularily this one:


Over-sized right boob much XD?

While the left boob is perfectly shaped and has no issues, the right one is clearly too big and, well, weird =/ One could argue its the pose’s fault, but really, no matter what one does with her boobs, they’re not gonna stretch just like that XD Not to mention… What the hell is Kureha doing trying to expose herself like that anyway o.O? Not that I can’t see it happening >_>; I mean, from my experience, it’s always the quiet ones that do the most outrageous stuff =x


Getting a pantyshot from one of the posters might as well be easier >_>

SERIOUSLY what’s with the skirt being “blown” inwards O.O?! WHAT kind of non-ero wind is that >.< It’s like, Seena shows off too much panty and Kureha shows off too little o.O Which reminds me~


1/7 vs 1/8 >.<

When I put the two figures beside eachother, I realised that I might have acually been grateful to Seena’s pose after all XD I mean, if she’d been standing up straight, she’d have looked huge XD Or Kureha would’ve looked tiny, all the same :p Funnily enough the bases are similar in shape too, but I prefer Seena’s ’cause it has the Shining Wind logo on it ^^ Having a non-white base for a change is nice too though~


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  1. npal October 29, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    That pic is actually my Kureha figure :p