My first time… was with Ayane O.O /me fails as a Nanatard orz


Come to the dark side... We have cute twintails-chans o.O

Okay okay, before the title starts causing any confusion (as if that wasn’t on purpose *whistles*), what I mean was that it was the first time I went and did a poster myself. Well, not myself per se really. I just chose a picture (snapshot rather) and went to a photographer to make it bigger XD

Size-wise, the “poster” is A2 I think. I wanted B2, but it was impossible with how crappy the original picture was XD I mean, DVD snapshot lolz? Of course the picture is a bit modified. We cut the edges and whatnot, and brightened it up a bit and stuffs, but all in all I think it looks pretty decent XD Better than the one that came with the single at least =x

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I never did anything like this with Nana ’cause there was never any need to =3 I mean, finding an awesome Nana poster is easy peazy, finding a decent Ayane poster is frikkin’ tough >.<

Anyway, that’s it for today XD I’m too lazy to post anything about the Kureha figure, so I’ll just do that from work tomorrow~


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