Freebies are awesome XD But carrying Lulu around is even more so :p

Code Geass 01

Had this as my wallpaper for a really long time... Until Nana came around :p

After a tiring day of sick professors and going home early (excuse my lame attempt at sarcasm), I went to work as usual in the afternoon. We were packing stuffs for some anime festival they’re having here, and as I watched the Kureha figures get packed away, I realized it was now or never, so I finally found the will and bought it! But that’s not really the point today :p

Along with the figure, I had asked for a Code Geass bag a couple of weeks ago (not sure how many regular readers this place has, so I dunno if you guys remember me mentioning something about it before XD). Originally, I was supposed to pay 14 euros instead of the usual 19.90 that these kinds of bags cost, but I suppose since I also asked for the Kureha figure at the same time, the guys at the shop decided to just give me the bag as an extra freebie ^^

Yay for me XD Don’t worry though, I already have another use for those euros I saved up :p Will talk more about that either tomorrow, or the day after ^^ For now, here we go:


Don't mind my dinner in the corner ^^; I really hadn't noticed it XD

Yes, I actually plan on walking around with that :p Luckily weeaboos here are kinda accepted, plus being a computer engineering student means I have all sorts of freaks/geeks/weeaboos/retards in my class, so at least in Uni I’m safe XP


Look forward to a review of Kureha tomorrow~


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