WOOT Ayane's cuteness keeps surprising me XD Arrival of tears PV is TEH awesomeness =D

I originally intended to write something about Arrival of tears once my own copy of the single arrived, and I still plan on doing that regarding the music, but I just had to comment on the PV the second I saw it >.<

I’ve actually been checking sites like youtube and nico nico douga regularly these days while waiting/searching for the PV, so obviously, I was really looking forward to it =3 Now, when the video was finally put up, and I got around to watching it, I gotta admit it started off quite badly. The whole gothic voice thing at the very beginning made me thing of… Ali Project… or worse… Mugen O.O And then Ayane popped up with that fugly black dress and the over-sized gloves and my face literally went =(

BUT THEN! OMG TWINTAILS + CUTE DRESS + AYANE IS SO EFFIN’ CUTE XDDD Yeah, that was kinda what ran through my mind when I saw the whole twintails thing (did I ever mention that I kinda have a twintails fetish :p? I actually had “twintails” as my password for some account of mine (not gonna say what it was :p) at some point XD). You know her Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tame ni PV? The half-twintails (not sure what else to call them) looked really nice. She also had that hairstyle in this year’s Animelo theme song PV ^^ But nothing beats the proper twintails XD

Now… Who do I have to murder to get a poster of her in that look >.<? Seriously, I’m too used to having Nana goodies flying around all the time that when it comes to a more average singer, I get really annoyed when hardly any promo material is available -_-; I suppose the best I can do now is suck it in, wait for my copy of the single, then try taking a decent quality snapshot of her ^^; I’ll probably go for something around 2:05 (epic pose!! Oh, and the way she turns around just slightly before that… *drool*) or one of the snapshots from above *nods* The crappy part is all that amature video effects they put in… It’s gonna make it really hard to take a clear snapshot >.<

Anyway, not sure what else to say XD This was really just a spur-of-the-moment-post XP I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve replayed the PV (and I won’t even mention the single XD I managed to get myself almost bored of it already ^^;) but what I can say for sure is that it’s definitely beaten Mugen =x

Random notes:

A good part of the reason why I was looking forward to the PV was ’cause PSYCHIC LOVER’s Imajo is actually featured in it. I was kinda expecting some sort of awesome combo or something, but in the end he hardly appeared in the PV XD Oh well, only thing I can hope for is that we might get an AyanexPL duet next year in Animelo =3 I mean, they better bring Ayane back again at least >.<

I love what they did with the eyeliner >.< Okay, that's a more girly topic, but really, love the eyes XD

'Grats to Ayane for beating both Yui-nyan and Kuribayashi Minami on the Oricon Charts XDDD I suppose 18 is a fine rank for her now. She'll get closer to the top with time (hopefully) ^^

Anyone else thinks the twintails look (including the dress) makes her resemble Shugo Chara!'s Utau XD? Good thing she doesn't sound that much like Nana in this song, 'cause otherwise it would've felt kinda weird lol

P.S. I'm posting this from work… I actually saw the PV at home but I only have time to post while working orz


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