Tenkuu no Canaria (天空のカナリア) streamed!! Nana should’ve just sang all the Tales of Symphonia songs from the very beginning~~ XDD

Weeeee~ Such an awesome song XD Loved it from the very first listen O.O It’s quite energetic, but not in the ridiculously hyper kind of way ^^ Hmm… Makes me want to pump my fist up in the air to the beat XPP But that could be me being a bit too hyper right now. Just finished watching the very first big arc in Bleach, so yeah, I think that’s being somewhat influential :p

Anyhoo, the Mugen single just keeps shaping up better and better now ^^ The actual Mugen song was cool (crappy PV aside) and this one’s so much fun~ Kyaaa, slightly over 2 weeks for the release >.< Next week, we’ll be getting “Stories” steamed on Smile Gang =3 Oh, and me wants another PV >.< It’s only fair y’know, since STARCAMP EP got 2 PVs in it~

P.S. Hibiki’s lyrics rock as usual XP

EDIT: BTW, go listen to this week’s Smile Gang (no. 393). Misato tried singing the song at the beginning… I LOLED, ’nuff said.


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