Nana Randomness~ Pt.2



Boy, talk about overwhelming tiredness and laziness >_>; I was supposed to post some of the stuff as it came out, but I just kept putting them off until, voila, we got enough announcements for a Nana Randomness part.2~

This time around, we have the following:

1, All info on Mugen’s tracks has been announced!

1. 夢幻

★TVアニメ「WHITE ALBUM」OPテーマ/アニメロミックスTV-CMソング
作詞:水樹奈々 作曲:上松範康(Elements Garden)
編曲:藤田淳平(Elements Garden)

2. 天空のカナリア

★「テイルズ オブ シンフォニア THE ANIMATION テセアラ編」オープニングテーマ
作詞:Hibiki 作曲・編曲:加藤裕介

3. Dear Dream

作詞・作曲:しほり 編曲:齋藤真也・IPEMOTO


作詞:神田怜鴎・斉田和典 作曲:サイトウヨシヒロ 編曲:古川貴浩

Yes, it’s copy/pasted. As I said, I’m too lazy to actually point out everything in there. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who’s worked on what before anyway…

2, The release date for the Live DiamondxFever DVD and Blu-ray has bee announced… Along with the shitty price T_T 9,900 yen!! EACH!!! Some one shoot me DX Here I was hoping to be able to get both, but now that I decided to get Windows Nana (again, someone shoot me please T_T) I know that I’ll only manage to get my hands on the Blu-ray… Oh well… Oh, and the release date is December 23rd. Why do I get the feeling all the x-mas presents I’ll be getting will feel completely shitty and pointless now ^^; ? Well, unless someone’s kind enough to buy me that Kureha figure I keep staring at during work… *sigh*

3, Mugen cover art finally unveiled!

Anyone else think it doesn't feel very appropriate? ^^;

Anyone else think it doesn't feel very appropriate? ^^;

I’m sure danie~ doesn’t mind me stealing the image from her blog :p We all do anyway~ =x

4, Nana-chan will be singing an original theme song for the Layton movie, in which Nana stars as Jenice Quatrain. The song will be called Melody of a Memory (sounds like the 2 ef seasons put together @.@) and you can get the single here~

5, Mugen’s PV got released… And I say it with half-hearted illusion because… Well… I don’t like it… I suppose it didn’t have any major issues, but I was just hoping Nana wouldn’t ever come close to that style… I guess it had to happen eventually, but I’m not sure now was a good time >_>;

Anyway, you can see for yourself…

I think I liked the White Album animation that accompanied the song better than this =/

6, NANA MIZUKI LIVE ACADEMY 2010 will be Nana’s next concert… Or tour rather. It’ll be a 7 days tour, with ridiculous dates ranging from February 14th (yeah, Valentine’s… woohoo) until March 27th o.O The exact dates and locations are these:

-Day 1 February 14th – Fukuoka International Congress Centre Main Hall
-Day 2 February 20th – Niihama City Culture Centre Big Hall (yay, Nana’s hometown…)
-Day 3 March 7th – Sendai Sunplaza Hall
-Day 4 March 13th – Yokohama Arena
-Day 5 March 14th – Yokohama Arena
-Day 6 March 20th – Osaka-Jo Hall
-Day 7 March 27th – Nihon Gaishi Hall

My wishful thinking makes me believe that I might be able to make it to the March 7th, 13th and 14th concerts during Spring Break, but lets be realistic… It’s just not gonna happen *sigh*

7, Mugen got performed yesterday at Music Japan~ This was announced ages ago actually, but since she just performed it now, I figured its okay to post about it here :p The actual show will air sometime soon I suppose =x I’ll just, hopefully, post something about it once it’s available online~



4 responses to “Nana Randomness~ Pt.2

  1. Anata October 8, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    “Well, unless someone’s kind enough to buy me that Kureha figure I keep staring at during work…”

    I assume the Max Factory version, isn’it ?? XD

    “but I was just hoping Nana wouldn’t ever come close to that style… I guess it had to happen eventually”

    Better now than later, lol

    BTW, no more updates for figure??

    • Re-Hikari October 8, 2009 at 5:46 pm

      Erm, actually, the Max Factory one is sold out ^^; It came and flew away just like that :p The one I’m talking about is the Kotobukiya one:

      Nowhere near as awesome as Max Factory’s, but hey, it’s Kureha XD I want her mostly ’cause she’d look good beside Seena =3

      As for figure updates… Well, I’m sure you noticed that updates in general have become way scarcer :p I mean, Uni+work is seriously tiring >,< I suppose there are some decent figures coming out that I’ll be getting, so I COULD try posting something =x

      Re-Hikari will try her best >,<

      • Anata October 10, 2009 at 12:21 am

        Aha, i see

        say, isn’t it npal who usually do that ?

        BTW, lots of alter figure release for this month delayed again.. (Ouch, my Feito)

      • Re-Hikari October 10, 2009 at 11:10 am

        Indeed, it’s usually npal doing the figure talk, but I’ve also posted a couple of stuffs, mainly when it had to do with figures I was actually getting for myself =x

        Oh, and I’m glad Alter delayed Fate lol There’s no way I would’ve been able to pay for both Fate and Windows Nana in one month XD