Mizuki Nana’s new Mugen song (White Album 2 OP) kicks ass XDDD

About time it got streamed!! Couldn’t post this sooner ’cause I’ve been busy busy busy >.< Actually, I’ve only had time to listen to the song a couple of times, but I already love it XD I suppose we can finally say that Nana’s going for the “weird” sounds when it comes to her songs now XD Although, not just the music… Her voice also sounds a bit weird in the song, no? Or maybe it’s just the crappy radio-rip quality…

Oh well, we’ll be doing a proper review once the single arrives anyway =3 And damn, I want the PV NOW >.< I can’t even begin to think what sort of scenario would suit this song >_>; Maybe we’ll get an actual story for a PV this time? Sounds kinda appropriate, don’t ya think?

Anyway, me has just the right amount of time to put the song on my ipod before running to class XP Gotta hurry!!!

P.S. I love the lyrics T_T Did I ever mention how much I love agony-filled songs? Or that my all time favorite song is called agony :p


One response to “Mizuki Nana’s new Mugen song (White Album 2 OP) kicks ass XDDD

  1. npal September 29, 2009 at 1:01 am

    Strange. Sounds decent to me. I mean the rip sounds crap true, but the song has some good parts here and there. Not sure, I found it decent anyway, with some parts being nice.