Nana Randomness~

because everyone seems to be using this image too...

because everyone seems to be using this image too...

After finding myself bombarded with Nana news when I got home from work today, I suddenly got this idea… Nana Randomness… As in, 7 randomness, all about Mizuki Nana of course. It’ll be something I’ll be doing every now n’ then. Not on a regular basis I suppose, but whenever I see that enough stuff piled up or whatever.

Anyway, for today, here’s what we have:

1, After being half-away from her voice-acting job (continuous stuffs like Naruto or Shugo Chara! don’t count :p) Nana’s back full force next season, with several anime roles lined up! She’s already started her role as Lan Fan in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and we’ll be seeing her in Kampfer (although in a rather tiny… tiny role >.<), Tegami Bachi (I have no idea what her role here will be… But something tells me its a rather small role too >_>;), Darker Than BLACK (again, I have this bad feeling Misaki won’t have as much of a big role as she did in the first season…) and White Album (queen Rina is back XD) [SPOILER]I’m dying to watch the fight scene between Rina (Mizuki Nana) and Yuki (Hirano Aya) XD[/SPOILER] Nana herself expressed some level of amusement (and nervousness) about that scene XD Although, truth be told, she could have just been talking about the game… Maybe we’ll never get that scene in the anime T_T But I’m hoping we will… At least to make all that frustration over Touya kind of worth it >.<

2, Nana’s 20th single will be on sale on the 28th of October!! Okay, we all know that already… Erm… It’ll be titled Mugen, and will contain 4 A-side songs… One will be the new White Album opening, and another will be the Tales of Symphonia animation opening… Okay, we all knew that too… Oh well >.< Oh, and the 3rd song on the single got named already too. It’ll be called “Dear Dream” (sounds like something right out of Shugo Chara! >_>;;). Lyrics and Composing by Shiori… Chinmoku no Kajitsu anyone XD? Well, arrangement is by someone else (not gonna bother trying to figure out the name) and the title definitely has a completely different feel to it, so I kinda doubt it’ll be the same as CnK… But we’ll see >.<

3, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s will be getting a rebroadcast XD Okay, everyone, let me hear you go… “WTF XD” Mind you, I mean it in a good way lol It’s seriously weird news, although now that I think of it, it doesn’t feel that surprising… And the reason is…

4, A PSP game for Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s will go on sale on the 21st of January… Yes, on Nana’s birthday lol Now I need to save up for a PSP and for the game…

5, More game news… Nana will be voicing a new character in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game. It’ll be for the PSP as well, so yay XD Her character is called Paz (which means peace in Spanish), a Central American school girl that wants to acheive… Lemme guess… Peace :p Oh, the game comes out next year by the way. No set date yet though.

6, First Animelo 2009 TV footage had to be… Part of Nana’s performance of course :p The Miku leak aside, we got to see a glimpse of this year’s Animelo on Japan’s Chiba TV channel =3

I take back what I said about Etsuraku Camellia without a Kimono XD Nana’s performance was, woot awesome XD

7, Finally, the big, heavy news. Apparently, Microsoft is also aware of the NANA (7) PAWAA. I’m sure many of you have heard about the new Windows release, Windows 7. Yup, SEVEN. Now, who comes to mind? To all the otakus out there… It’s obviously gotta be Mizuki Nana. Microsoft is fully aware of that, and intends to use it by any means… Somehow, Mizuki Nana now becomes Madobe Nanami (Madobe means window in Japanese btw lol), a cute, Seena look-alike anime-themed character that’s basically aimed at those who like their custom-made computers… Whatever that’s supposed to mean. And do I even have to say WHO will be voicing that character?



All it comes down to is basically an original wallpaper and a sound system that you’ll only find on Japan’s Windows 7 Premium packs… Why does a Japanese OS sound tempting now >_>? I have to put up with a Spanish one anyway, might as well get one in a language that I actually like, no? *whistles* It’ll also be good practice for my Japanese… Like how I used to have my phone in Spanish back when I was still learning the language…


See you in the next issue of Nana Randomness~ (If I manage to make one that is). Let’s hope I’ve regained some of my sanity by then =x


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  1. Anata September 27, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    lots of nana stuffs and nanoha for the upcoming months, almost in every category (figures, anime, games, etc). What an ownage XD