Our official T-shirt~!!!

Notice the cat on her leg looks similar to our logo too lol

Notice the cat on her leg looks similar to our logo too lol

Okay, no, it’s not the blog’s official shirt (and the cat isn’t our official logo either… Nana-chan is!!! No, I haven’t forgotten her!! There will be news about her soon, I swear >.<). What I'm talking about is Kurogami's official shirt XD Idiot me didn't mention that our local anime shop (yes, the one I started working at) is called Kurogami, huh? Anyway, now you know XP The place just feels so much like home lately, I couldn't help but say "our" =x If you're confused, do check my previous post entry :p

Anyway, so yeah, a couple of months ago, the guys at Kurogami decided to have this competition where people would draw their official shirt, and then they'd pick the best-looking one and use it. Old stories are old, but I mention this now because yesterday I myself got given the shirt :p Yes, not only do I get free figures now, but free t-shirts too XD

It's a rather nice-looking shirt actually (click here to have a look at it) and I wouldn’t mind walking around in it :p I mean, people here don’t bully us weeaboos, so it’s OK lol

Please don't mind the background ^^;

Please don't mind the background ^^;

Decided to take a picture of myself wearing it too :p That’s always the best way of showing off something *nods* As you can see, it’s nothing great, but it’s fine. My only issue is that it’s a bit too long >.< No, I don’t usually go around wearing shirts that show off my tummy, but I’m not particularly fond of shirts that are too long either :p Then again, it could also be my *cough*lacking*cough* height, since there were only 2 sizes anyway, and the other one was even more huge XD

Also, note the ku!..ro..ga..mi written on it in hiragana!! I totally missed that at first XD I like how they actually put in different chars with different poses for each syllable =3

So yeah, free shirts are nice too ^^ Next thing I’m waiting for is a Code Geass bag that they’ll be getting specifically for me lol Was too shy to ask when it would arrive, since I thought it’d be kinda rude… What with them bringing it just for me and giving it at a special price :p (Bags are usually sold for 19,90€ here, but I’ll be getting it for 14€ ^^)

Will be waiting patiently for the bag to arrive~ Until then… Look forward to more useless random goodies I get!

NOTE: Hmm… Maybe I should turn this into a shopping log instead… A la danie~ or something XP


3 responses to “Our official T-shirt~!!!

  1. glothelegend September 21, 2009 at 5:54 am

    That shirt is pretty bad ass.

  2. Anata September 21, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    i am amazed with your decision to use that kind of background LOL

    • Re-Hikari September 22, 2009 at 10:50 am

      lol, it wasn’t really my decision :p That just happens to be the best mirror around the house XD I could’ve used the one at the entrance, but I’m not sure I want my parents to see me taking pictures of myself through the mirror ^^;