[Animelo 2009] The prespective of the person who wasn’t there… Day2


Finally got around to writing the view on Day 2. I mentioned before that I was looking forward to the second day a lot more than to the first one… Well, here’s why~

1 『DISCOTHEQUE』~『MonStAR』/水樹奈々+平野綾

People can bitch all they want about this, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Nana and Aya singing DISCOTHEQUE and MonStAR together. Although, truth be told, I don’t think DISCOTHEQUE was a good duet choice, even if the duet had been with Yukarin (which is what people were expecting originally). Regardless, I know this is gonna be fun for me, since I like both singers (don’t even bother questioning how much I like each, the difference is ridiculously huge :p). MonStAR was a decent choice, although I might’ve preferred something like Love Gun better lol

2 『Super Driver』/平野綾
3 『Set me free』/平野綾

Super Driver and Set me free for Hirano Aya. Kinda saw them coming, since they’re from her latest 2 singles. I’m not particularly fond of Aya’s live performances, but lets hope she’s learned her lesson now and won’t be jumping like a madman on stage =x I wonder if I’ll be jumping around all day to the live version of Set me free the way I was to the PV XD

4 『約束の場所へ』/米倉千尋
5 『10 YEARS AFTER』/米倉千尋

I honestly don’t care much for Yonekura Chihiro, and it makes no difference to me that she sings Yakusoko no Basho e and 10 YEARS AFTER… I know her songs aren’t bad, but I just never found myself interested for some reason =/

6 『そして僕は…』/榊原ゆい
7 『恋の炎』/榊原ゆい

Bad opening is bad, but here comes Yuinyan to save the day :p Pity she didn’t sing anything like Katayoku no Icarus >.< I really like that song of hers >.< Intead we get Soshite Boku wa… and Koi no Honou, which are decent I suppose. Was still hoping for better from Sakakibara Yui =/ (Maybe something for Phantasm (from Chaos;Head) lol)

8 『霊喰い』/妖精帝國
9 『last Moment』/妖精帝國

Bwahahaha, okay, now we can say that the show is saved XD Yousei Teikoku have got to be the craziest anison artists I know XD And I’ve loved them for really really long :p One of the very first artists I started following lol Not to mention Yousei Yui’s total retardedness. She’s so much fun ^^ *cough* Anyway, as for the song choices, Tamakui and last Moment, well.. Anything works with me really. last Moment is definitely a nice choice… I’d have liked something slow like Shijun no Zankoku too… Or not… Okay, that’s just me loving Venus Versus Virus and wanting something from its anime in Anisama (maybe Riryka will make it to Anisama some day and we’ll get Bravin’ Bad Brew from her instead =3 I can dream on no?)

10 『人として軸がぶれている』/大槻ケンヂと絶望少女達
11 『空想ルンバ』/大槻ケンヂと絶望少女達
12 『林檎もぎれビーム!』/大槻ケンヂと絶望少女達

Next up, Ohtsuki Kenji and Zetsubou Shoujotachi… I honestly couldn’t care less what they sing as long as I get to see Kobayashi Yuu~ XD Their performances are always something to look forward to anyway *nods*

13 『CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA』/影山ヒロノブ
14 『聖闘士神話-SOLDIER DREAM-』/影山ヒロノブ

More epicness to follow in the name of Kageyama Hironobu. Damn, 3 nice performances one after the other XP

15 『Parallel Hearts』/FictionJunction
16 『暁の車』/FictionJunction
17 『nowhere』/FictionJunction

And now FictionJunction comes on stage along with Kajiura Yuki and I can imagine the crowd going quite nuts at this point. As for me, I found Parallel Hearts to be just decent, but Akatsuki no Kuruma must’ve been nice *nods* And damn, I’d like to hear nowhere live T_T I keep missing my chance >.<

18 『Return to Love』/近江知永

Why so boring Ohmi-san? I really like Ohmi Tomoe as a person, but her songs are just too frikkin’ boring >_> And she had to choose a ballad of all things… Oh yeah, she released an album (her first one) recently… Was anyone aware of that? I just knew of it today… I’d like to support this cute little lady, but I dunno if I’m interested enough >_> Hopefully someone will release it online first so I get to know if its good enough or not… Doesn’t seem like anyone’s really aware of its existence though =x

19 『Maze』/savage genius feat.近江知永

Okay, it’s wakey time. We got Aa-chan and Ohmi singing Maze at last XD We all knew this was coming :p Lets just hope they make it fun ;p

20 『私をみつけて。』/savage genius

savage genius’ new song, Watashi wo Mitsukete. I didn’t particularly like it when I heard it… If anything, I prefer the c/w song on that single, Kizuna, but it makes more sense for them (why do I still say “them”? It’s just Aa now >_>) to sing this one instead… Oh well *shrug*

21 『Dark Side of the Light』/飛蘭
22 『mind as Judgment』/飛蘭

Faylan up next *grin* She’s gained a lot of popularity with the CANAAN opening, but I’ve known her before from the Ga-Rei Zero Image songs album *grin* That’s where Dark Side of the Light comes from actually. Both songs are nice, but I expect mind as Judgment to sound better live :p

23 『魂のルフラン』/飛蘭+奥井雅美

TOTALLY unexpected duet o.O Faylan and Okui Masami singing Tamashii no Rufuran o.O This should be interesting at least…

24 『LOVE SHIELD』/奥井雅美

Makkun’s turn now… And she only sings one song T_T?? What the hell >.<?! Oh well, hopefully the performance itself will be the usual fun Makkun kind =3

25 『舞い落ちる雪のように』/Suara
26 『Free and Dream』/Suara

Since Suara seems to listen to my prayers, can I hope to get her to sing Whereabouts some day in Animelo T_T?? Maiochiru Yuki no Youni was expected, and it’s nice and all. Free and Dream was a very nice surprise when I first heard it, so it’s good to see she sang it too. But Whereabouts T_T Maybe next year >.<

27 『DANZEN!ふたりはプリキュア (ver.Max Heart)』/田村ゆかり+新谷良子

WTFLOL THIS is unexpected alright XD Tamura Yukari and Shintani Ryoko singing DANZEN! Futari wa Precure XD??!! I can laugh right XD? Man, I really want to see this XD Gimme the BD already XD

28 『LOST IN SPACE』/サイキックラバー

Only one song for Psychic Lover o.O? They lack love that much o.O? Well, if I don’t get my XTC song, I’m not gonna miss them =/

29 『THE IDOLM@STER』/中村繪里子・今井麻美・仁後真耶子 from THE IDOLM@STER
30 『キラメキラリ』/中村繪里子・今井麻美・仁後真耶子 from THE IDOLM@STER
31 『my song』/中村繪里子・今井麻美・仁後真耶子 from THE IDOLM@STER

I don’t care what THE IDOLM@ASTER sings if it’s not gonna be on the DVD/BD… So they better not cut them out this year >.<

32 『DOGFIGHT~Blazin’ Beat(メドレー)』/m.o.v.e
33 『Gravity』/m.o.v.e

m.o.v.e are always fun, no matter what they sing =3 Here’s to hoping for some more onstage gymnastics from motsu lol Oh, and I heard Yuri was wearing a yukata o.O???!!! Want to see now DX

34 『チェルシーガール』/田村ゆかり
35 『Tomorrow』/田村ゆかり
36 『Little Wish ~first step~』/田村ゆかり

Finally a Nanoha song from Yukarin ^^ I was a bit disappointed last year that she didn’t sing any =x Kinda funny that Nana decides to rid us of a Nanoha song (read, Eternal Blaze) precisely this year >_> Since the God of Duets listens to me, let me say that I want Nana and Yukarin singing a Nanoha song (I don’t care which) together next year >.< Oh yeah, Tomorrow is a nice choice too (one Yukarin’s few normal/listenable songs) and Chelsea Girl! is whatever… Why do I see such a lack of anisongs from her though o.O? Only a third? Oh well…

37 『哀 戦士』/GACKT
38 『The Next Decade』/GACKT

“Yes, I’m a girl, no, I don’t care about Miyano Mamoru.” Just make that GACKT instead for Day2.

40 『Gimmick Game』/水樹奈々

Finally the interesting part XD You know, Animelo is a bit of a torture when you look at it… Like, I have to go through all these artists (regardless of whether I like them or not) before I can have my prize and listen to/watch Nana XD Anyway, *cough* I don’t know why it doesn’t say this on the official Animelo song list, but Nana actually sang Gimmick Game with m.o.v.e’s motsu o.O Or that’s what Nana said on her blog =x I definitely want to see what that’s like XD

41 『深愛』/水樹奈々+Suara

Yes, what I said; the God of Duets listens to me. If you’re wondering what I mean with that, let me explain. When I was reviewing the RE:BRIDGE single, I mentioned somewhere in between that I’d like a NanaxSuara duet. Well, I just wondered whether we’d get one some day really (what with Suara and Nana being good friends and all)… But I had no idea we’d be getting it this soon XD Definitely looking forward to seeing them perform Shin Ai together *giggles*

42 『悦楽カメリア』/水樹奈々
43 『Orchestral Fantasia』/水樹奈々

Erm… Etsuraku Camellia without a kimono? Count me out. I know Nana’s dress was cute and everything, but it’s not like Camellia is an awesome song or anything, so if there’s no kimono to accompany it, then it’s just a whatever song… Now… Orchestral Fantasia… This is a very delicate matter… It’s by far my favorite Mizuki Nana song… But I’m not sure I want to relive the trashing they did to it in Live Fighter… However, if Nana manages anything remotely close to Live Formula’s epicness, then I’m satisfied… Damn, as long as she sings it normally, without any crappy additions, I’m fine…*shivers* This makes me dread the BD now…

44 『RE:BRIDGE~Return to oneself~』/アニサマ09テーマソング


EN-1 『ONENESS』/アニサマ05テーマソング
EN-2 『RE:BRIDGE~Return to oneself~』/アニサマ09テーマソング

Yay, ONENESS. Must sound weird going from hyper, to slow, to hyper again lol I wonder if Nana’s gonna sing any lines with Yukarin or if they’ll make her sing with Aya all the time =/

Anyway, review is finally done XD Day2 has some really nice artists, and the song choices were fine in general, but I was hoping for some other stuff XD I look forward to the duets on this day more than anything though ;p

Okay, now that this is done… Me can finally go sleep *yawn* Gonna review the Subaru figure tomorrow… hopefully~


2 responses to “[Animelo 2009] The prespective of the person who wasn’t there… Day2

  1. danie~ August 28, 2009 at 1:15 am

    I don’t hate Aya that much but my only problem with it is the fact that she did the fake vibrato thingie to my DISCOTHEQUE. And yeah, also cos I was expecting Yukarin in the first 5 seconds.

    And Ohmi is not that unpopular really, especially for Makkun fans.

    • Re-Hikari August 28, 2009 at 8:50 pm

      I don’t know about unpopular, but the way I see it, people just aren’t very interested in Ohmi =x For example, Miyazaki Ui just released her first album too, and I can find it online already. It’s been several days since Ohmi released her album, and I still haven’t seen it anywhere o.O (It’s also true that I didn’t search much though ^^;) I don’t know if that’s simply because people don’t feel like it (as in, they don’t care enough about it) or because they simply don’t know about it, and I believe it’s the latter…

      And the bitching over the duet comment didn’t go just for you :p I’ve yet to see someone who hasn’t complained about it (except npal XD). I myself have some complaints about it even =x