[Animelo 2009] The prespective of the person who wasn't there… Day1

I’ll come out with it first and say that I couldn’t go to this year’s Animelo, even though I was dying to… You’re not gonna find me bitching about this here though, ’cause I’ve been listening to Suara’s new album all the while, so I’m all calm and relaxed right now ^^ Suara ftw. Make sure you buy the album! I’ll be getting it once I have some cash on me (currently trying hard not to spend what little I have so I can get Nana’s new single >.<) Here’s the cdjapan link, to make life easier :p

Kizuna / Suara

Now onto the post’s topic. Here’s a little rundown and my thought on this year’s Animelo performances. As I said, I haven’t been there, so this is pure speculation. Also, the following is just for day one. I’ll write up my thought on Day 2 later~

1 『残酷な天使のテーゼ』/石川智晶+angela

I was seriously taken aback by this duet… Ishikawa Chiaki and angela singing Zankoku na Tenshi no These o.O Definitely didn’t see this one coming, but I’m looking forward to watching it on the BD alright! Both atsuko (angela’s singer) and Ishikawa have real strong voices, so it’s probably gonna sound epic XD

2 『Spiral』/angela
3 『Shangri-La』/angela

So the opening goes for angela this time around. That’s nice, they have been getting themselves quite busy lately after all. Even managed to make it to that anime special on Music Japan ;p (I’ll be writing something about that once a torrent with the full program gets put up btw *nods*). I would’ve liked if they had sang something from Shikabane Hime, but it’s okay, this works too ^^

4 『F.D.D』/いとうかなこ
5 『追想のディスペア』/いとうかなこ

F.D.D and Tsuisou no Despair from Itou Kanako… Honestly speaking, they’re both pretty weird songs lol I was kinda hoping for something like Heartbreaking Romance, but alas, these are pretty decent songs too. I look forward to seeing how she manages to sing that first part of Tsuisou no Despair =3

6 『愛のメディスン ~アニサマバージョン~』/桃井はるこ
7 『WONDER MOMO-i ~World tour version~』/桃井はるこ

It’s no secret that I don’t like Momoi Halko. She’s fun offstage and all, but she just tries too hard to act all moe >.< I was literally getting sick to my stomach while listening to Ai no Medicine ~Anisama version~ (for those unaware, she released a single with this year’s Animelo version. I haven’t heard the original version, so I don’t know the difference). Don’t know the other song, and didn’t bother checking it out. I’m gonna try staying as far away from Momoi as possible -_-;;

8 『マイペース大王』/桃井はるこ+manzo

Okay, this made me go wtf too o.O Momoi and manzo o.O? What exactly brings these two together?? Not that I know anything about manzo to talk, and I couldn’t find anything about him on wiki, so whatever. I do wonder what this will sound like at least XD Maybe Momoi will actually sing properly here XD

9 『溝ノ口太陽族』/manzo
10 『続・溝ノ口太陽族』/manzo

I just said I don’t know anything about manzo :p And since I couldn’t find anything about him, no comment =x

11 『Endless Tears…』/彩音
12 『コンプレックス・イマージュ』/彩音

Ayane!!! I’ve actually grown to like her a lot lately XD I wrote a little something about her recently and said that, if she’d improved a little bit, I’d probably start buying her stuff. I got bitch-slapped apparently :p Her new album is awesome XD I’ll be getting it once I can lol

As for the song choices… I wanted cloudier sky >.< But Endless Tears… and Complex Image are okay. Anything goes with Ayane =3

13 『Wonder Wind』/ELISA
14 『ebullient future -アニサマVer-』/ELISA

Wanna hear what the anisama ver. of ebullient future sounds like =3 I really like the song (not as much as euphoric field though) and Wonder Wind is fine. ELISA’s song choices were kinda obvious, and truth be told, both songs are better than the Nabari no Ou ending she sang last year XD

15 『ココロ』/下田麻美

For those unfamiliar with Shimoda Asami, she’s the one who’s lent her voice for Vocaloid’s Kagamine Rin and Len. Honestly, I don’t know any of her songs, so, uhh… Yeah… Waiting to see what she actually sounds like ^^

16 『「みくみくにしてあげる♪」【してやんよ】』/初音ミク
17 『ブラック★ロックシューター』/初音ミク

You can see Hatsune’s Miku’s performance in the video I’ve embedded at the top of the post ;p Everyone’s talking about this performance, and I’ve already said all I wanted to say about it here. Just saying that I look forward to the BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER anime lol

18 『Help me, ERINNNNNN!!』/ビートまりお(COOL&CREATE)

Erm, no idea who this Beat Mario dude is, and while I think I’ve heard of this song, I’m just too lazy to check it out. Will wait for BD to listen to it~

20 『modern strange cowboy』/GRANRODEO

GRANRODEO will probably the sound the way the sound all the time *shrug* It’s nice that they actually picked new songs though ^^

21 『JET!!』~『バニラソルト』/堀江由衣
22 『YAHHO!!』/堀江由衣

Hocchan!! She’s been busy lately alright!! New album and new single got released just recently XD The album is whatever, but YAHHO!! is a fun song XD Although I get a bit of a headache by the end of it each time ^^; But it’s Hocchan, so who cares XD Nice choice of songs for her by the way *nods* Wanna see what that JET!!~Vanilla Salt medley sounds like =3 And since YAHHO!! is new, its good that it gets some advertising :p

23 『ハッピー☆マテリアル』/堀江由衣+茅原実里

*brain dies* Hocchan and Minorin singing Happy Material O.O???!!!! I soooooooooooooooo want to see this >.< Happy Material is the Mahou Sensei Negima opening by the way (Domestic Love Band (the “angela ja ne” dudes) sang it last year XD). Probably the only good thing that came out of that first series XD Gaaah, want to see, want to see >.<

24 『First Pain』/石川智晶
25 『Prototype』/石川智晶

Well, Ishikawa Chiaki always sings her newest songs >_> It just so happens that Prototype already got sung last year, and First Pain… Well, its just not on her usual level… *sigh* I kind of saw this coming, but it’s disappointing regardless >_>

26 『J☆S』/宮野真守
27 『Discovery』/宮野真守

Miyano Mamoru… I’m not sure what these songs are, but as long as they’re not the “kiss” song that keeps playing during the CM in Nana’s Smile Gang radio show, I’m probably fine. Yes, I’m a girl, no, I don’t care about Miyano Mamoru -_-;

28 『キミシニタモウコトナカレ』/May’n
29 『ダイアモンドクレバス』/May’n

Kimi Shinitamō Koto Nakare was an obvious choice, since it’s new, but didn’t May’n sing Diamond Crevasse during the Music Japan anison special? I’m sure she has songs other than her Macross ones no >_>?

30 『ミラクル・アッパーWL』/May’n+奥井雅美

Miracle Upper WL!! We all knew we’d be getting a May’n/Makkun duet, but it feels a bit weird for them to sing it after May’n performance when the song is supposedly Okui Masami feat. May’n… Oh well, it’s a decent song, but they sing real fast in it @.@ Looking forward to see how they manage live XD

31 『空色デイズ』/中川翔子(特別出演)
32 『涙の種、笑顔の花』/中川翔子(特別出演)

Nakagawa Shoko singing Sorairo Days and Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana… Well, I’ll just wait for the BD to see what this looks like ^^;

33 『WHAT’S UP GUYS?』/栗林みな実+谷山紀章

I lolled XD Kuribayashi Minami and Kishow (GRANRODEO) XD?? Definitely looking forward to this XD

34 『鬼帝の剣』/ALI PROJECT
35 『戦慄の子供たち』/ALI PROJECT
36 『地獄の門』/ALI PROJECT

I kind of stopped paying attention to ALIPRO’s songs… They just keep sounding the same all the time… If anything, I was hoping for an old song or something (y’know, back from when they’re song were decent and listenable) but instead we get all new songs: Kitei no Tsurugi (from Kurogane no Linebarrel) and Senritsu no Kodomotachi and Jigoku no Mon (both from Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom). Oh well… Better luck next year?

37 『Voyager train』/茅原実里
38 『Tomorrow’s chance』/茅原実里
39 『Paradise Lost』/茅原実里

Yay for Voyager train and Paradise Lost ^^ Not sure I liked Chihara Minori’s new single though… Tomorrow’s chance sounded too… Mainstream? Not sure, there was something in it that didn’t feel right. But regardless, I’ll never get enough Paradise Lost live *grin*

40 『Precious Memories』栗林みな実
41 『涙の理由』/栗林みな実
42 『sympathizer』/栗林みな実

Not sure about the first two songs, but sympathizer is one of the few Kuribayashi Minami songs that I think are decent, so it’s okay. Not particularly looking forward to her performance though =/

43 『Crest of “Z’s”』
/JAM Project(影山ヒロノブ、遠藤正明、きただにひろし、奥井雅美、福山芳樹)
44 『守護神-The guardian』
/JAM Project(影山ヒロノブ、遠藤正明、きただにひろし、奥井雅美、福山芳樹)
45 『レスキューファイアー』
/JAM Project(影山ヒロノブ、遠藤正明、きただにひろし、奥井雅美、福山芳樹)
46 『SKILL』/JAM Project(影山ヒロノブ、遠藤正明、きただにひろし、奥井雅美、福山芳樹)

JAM Project is JAM Project. They’re the same ol’ people, so their performance will prolly be the same as usual. With the usual Motto Motto and what not. I just wish they’d sing Gong again some time =x

47 『RE:BRIDGE~Return to oneself~』/アニサマ09テーマソング

First day has a few hyper people in it, so taking into consideration the nature of the song, we should have some people doing fun stuff on stage :p

EN-1 『OUTRIDE』/アニサマ06テーマソング
EN-2 『RE:BRIDGE~Return to oneself~』/アニサマ09テーマソング

Encore, yeah, same old stuff. It’s a bit weird that they’re sing OUTRIDE. Since this is RE:BRIDGE I was kinda wanting them to sing ONENESS on both days… I mean, it’s not a very nice choice, but it’d make sense… ‘Cause it’s a bit weird that only the people on the second day sing the first Animelo song… Oh well, doesn’t matter ^^

And it’s finished!! Damn, that was long XD And I still have my thoughts on the 2nd day to write XD But, ehem, lets finish this off properly first. I was looking forward to the second day a lot more from the very beginning, and looking at the song lists just strengthens that ^^ The artists that I usually look forward to the most on this day were mostly disappointing, but you know, if I’d been there, I don’t think I’d have cared that much XD But anyway, all we can do now is wait for the BD~


2 responses to “[Animelo 2009] The prespective of the person who wasn't there… Day1

  1. Miharu Endoh August 26, 2009 at 2:02 am

    : 3 Hi, so you decided to make the post, I liked is pretty funny and interesting read your perspective of Anisama =3. About the song number 8 My pace daiou, Momoi was a member of Under 17, wasn’t she? , Under 17 and Manzo both have sung for the anime Genshiken , so I think that’s why they sang together, I’m looking forward the DVD or bluray –rip to xD.

    PS: English isn’t my native language so my apologies if something is wrong.

    • Re-Hikari August 26, 2009 at 1:12 pm

      Oh, well, that makes sense. I don’t particularly remember the Genshiken songs though (except the fact that the singing in the openings sounded weird… I suppose that means that manzo should just stick to being a composer instead of trying to sing :p) so yeah, still no idea what the Momoixmanzo duet will sound like XD

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed the post XD Look forward to the one about Day2 ;p

      P.S. Your English is just fine =3