Re-Hikari no Bouken o.O? Why do the worst stuff happen whenever a figure arrives -_-??

Just begged to get a picture taken with XD

Just begged to get a picture taken with 😄

YES! Finally Back!! Damn, those were some long holidays alright >.< Not to mention I spent 95% of them without net, and the little net time I could manage, the net was so crappy, I might’ve been better off without it >_> But the bitching aside… *phew* it’s good to be back ^^

Now, I don’t know if anyone remembers, but before I left, I posted a little something about some figures that were coming out, and I mentioned somewhere in between something that would be arriving soon that “even the Nanatard in me says wasn’t worth its price. That little something faced some issues (like everything that has to arrive at my doorstep apparently) and didn’t just arrive late, but actually arrived the day after I left… Hidoii deshou T_T?? Good thing someone was still home to pick it up though *nods* (yes, I look at the bright side all the time… not that this is really a bright side, it’s just a little help that didn’t turn the thing into a full disaster instead… but I’ll still take it as something good okay >.< I’m happy like that XP)

So anyway, here we go:




YES x2

YES x2

oh, and there was this too *grin*

YES x77

YES x77

You might notice that the last poster got a bit damaged… Stupid EMS *grumble*grumble* But it’s an effin’ huge poster, so I suppose not much could be done >.< Yes, that green poster is a B1 sized poster… Now, try taking into consideration Nana’s pose… YUP, it’s almost real size. Nana-chan’s face in that poster is literally bigger than mine =x I’ve had a few surprised gasps at it already when people have entered my room lol

So you get an idea of the actual size~

So you get an idea of the actual size~

Yes, I need to fix it up a bit from the sides, but was too excited when I got home and saw the package on my desk, just had to put them all up immediately XP Oh yeah, I was actually almost down with a really bad cold and a fever at the time (that’s why I haven’t posted even though I arrived a couple days ago already)… The plane trip plus waiting and hour inline for the baggage claim ’cause one of our bags got lost (stayed in Beirut apparently… Lebanese people are so useless -_-) plus the one hour cab drive home, which all made me feel like dying when added to my fever, did NOTHING to stop me from getting a chair and putting the posters up!! Bwahahahaha!!!! But yeah, they’re not very well hung… Oh well =x

Now, my Nana-rant aside, there was also something else that arrived during my absence. Alter’s Subaru Nakajima! She’s one beauty alright ^^ And that’s coming from a person who hardly liked Subaru in the anime… But the figure is just too gorgeous… Lively and dynamic *nods* Seriously looks like she’s gonna actually move any minute :p

As usual though, I’ve had to have my share of obstacles before getting it. Back with Seena, I had to clean the entire house before I was allowed time to open the box… Not to mention the crappy heat at the post office and the long line ’cause someone “didn’t hear the doorbell” >_> So this time, I had to help remove and put the curtains back… Then in the effing heat, I went to get the figure (got it from our local anime shop this time) and on the way (which wasn’t really on the way for me, ’cause had to get near to home then to the other place, otherwise I’d have gotten lost trying to take a short cut… I know myself well enough… Yes, I get lost 5 minutes away from home >_>) had to go to this office and get mom a crappy LADDER >.< It’s one of those small, 3-4 steps ones, but it was still heavy… And I had to balance it with the figure =x (And lets not forget the effin’ heat >.<)

But anyway, it’s here now ^^

Will review this later!!

Will be reviewing this soon!!

I hope you missed my ridiculously long posts ;p And the silly stories *rollseyes*


2 responses to “Re-Hikari no Bouken o.O? Why do the worst stuff happen whenever a figure arrives -_-??

  1. Anata August 26, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    welcome back 😄

    waiting for your review of subaru

    • Re-Hikari August 26, 2009 at 9:35 pm

      haha, thanks for the welcome 😄 It really is good to be back :p

      As for the subaru review, it should be out in a couple of days, since the anisama day2 review comes as a higher priority :p