Shangri-la episode 16 – WTF O_o Oh, and no Karin today, people.

O_o This ep didn't start well.  The bad omens are obvious

O_o This ep didn't start well. The bad omens are obvious

You know how it goes, when something starts with Joker scheming and a crying loli, you know this episode doesn’t bode well.  Oh, right, I could have posted this on Wednesday or Thursday but many things happened, many things… *silly aura*  Generally my time sucks, I have other stuff to do plus my final paper.  So yeah, delays and plain non-posts (like how I skipped a Needless and various other anime episodes this week) are bound to happen till winter and since there’s no one else to cover for me for the summer, it’s gonna suck a bit.

The episode is rather serious.  I kinda knew Shangri-la doesn’t pull any punches but damn.  Only ONE Momoko joke, no Kuniko fanservice shots and a number of other serious stuff dropped my screenshot count to 16 O_o That’s a record low.  Anyway, I’ll try to keep it short and hopefully HTML won’t get killed by that nice service that is lame WP…

So Ryoko (aka Joker) wants to use Mi~ko for Hikuro’s vessel.

Yes, that's the guy... or girl... or something

Yes, that's the guy... or girl... or something

Supposedly Hiruko needs a virgin sacrifice for a vessel (haven’t I seen THAT before… Or Tarsian is just a dirty old man who’s into stuff like that), but Ryoko apparently wants to mock Tarsian with using Mi~ko.  I was expecting her not to do but, wtf, she did O_o.

On the other hand, Kuniko and Momoko return to Duomo and are greeting enthusiastically by the townspeople.

OiOiOi! Hands off my stuff >_<

OiOiOi! Hands off my stuff >_<

Kuniko goes to confront her grandma about the Atlas Museum.  Najiko doesn’t deny anything but informs her that Takehiko has disappeared.  Then Kuniko kinda exiles her grandma O_o

O_o What?

O_o What?

Either the subs are wrong or there’s something fishy cause Duomo doesn’t seem like it’s on an island.  The fact that Kuniko can actually banish people as Metal Age leader is also rather strange.  Is the Metal Age leader like a mayor or supreme judge or something around these parts? The least she could do is ask about the Atlas issue.  I suppose she was kinda pissed and felt betrayed, being young doesn’t help with that either so I suppose I could see something that emo-centric taking place.  Momoko however supports Kuniko in all her decisions, which makes me wonder just what she knows in general.  Oh, and according to Momoko, deep bonds aren’t like telephones…

Before we get to Mikuni’s contribution in this episode, there’s talk about that strange mushroom-like things from episode 10, which are called Daedalus and are genetically mutated plans that has military quality defense system, insane growth rate and multiply like crazy and I won’t even go to the whole releasing nitrous oxide thing.   They were made by Atlas at some point to prevent fires from spreading (or something) and turned into monsters through evolution.  Supposedly the heavy hail showers help these Daedalus things spread and grow.  Ryoko wants to ignore them, Kuniko wants them destroyed.  Momoko… well… she seems rather happy with them.

They must be preserved!! Or put into a shrine and worshipped a la Japanese style

They must be preserved!! Or put into a shrine and worshipped a la Japanese style

Needless to say, they are force to retreat because the plants are too aggressive for them to handle.  Damn, Kuniko seems to suffer one loss after another recently.

Now, ending with Mikuni’s part.  Mikuni buckles up and attacks Atlas to get Mi~ko back.

Obey the loli!

LOLI : She owns you any way

Her army is a batch of cowards, they can’t even shoot ONE damn Joker appearing out of nowhere.  Then again, if what Joker suggests is true, she’s… eh… invulnerable? O_o Or a walking cloud of Jinx.



She pulls the trigger and the weapon jams O_o Ok, another WTF for this episode.  Joker takes Mikuni to Hiruko’s chamber where Hiruko the nutcase throws a really huge fit when he sees Mikuni, saying stuff like “delicious loli! must eat loli! drool!” (well, it’s generally true, he says SOMETHING like that *nodnod).  What happens when you put a transsexual instead of a pure maiden in Hiruko’s pool is that Hiruko gets shoved aside by the transsexual’s sentience.  Talk about fail there…

Reunion (sort of)

Reunion (sort of)

At least the scene was touching.  Not sure what Joker was planning but Sayoko interferes and gets shot.  She manages to get Hiruko though and threatens to kill him if they don’t let them be.  Unable to negotiate Mikuni’s rise to Atlas successor (because supposedly Zeus must decide that O_o ), she makes a run for it with Hiruko and Mikuni.  Hiruko and his vessels were supposedly stopping the natural oscillation from affecting Atlas, but Joker’s take is that Hiruko is Tarsian’s plaything and she doesn’t need it.

Oh, right, and then we end with Takehiko pointing a gun at Kuniko… WTF O_o

Too many WTFs, too little answers in this episode.  I suppose Mi~ko’s condition isn’t reversible either…

Next episode is about who knows BUT there’s Karin Inside (TM).

I'm chibi Kuniko and I'm moe

I'm chibi Kuniko and I'm moe

PS No I don’t risk trying to get more screens in for fear of getting the post messed up when I don’t have enough time to correct it.


4 responses to “Shangri-la episode 16 – WTF O_o Oh, and no Karin today, people.

  1. Shounen A July 26, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    I’ve always been unsure of the gender of Hiruko’s body (despite Hiruko of Japanese mythology being male). If it’s female, it just now occurs to me that maybe Ryouko has just unwittingly done Miko a huge favor. :p

    • npal July 27, 2009 at 1:15 am

      Eh, huge favor as in, she’ll be a true loli before the vessel dies? I mean, sure it’d be a favor but I don’t think dying is that nice :p Although that supposed god seems pretty male to me.

  2. Zaza-chan December 21, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    Must say, I haven’t read but the picture on this post looks like butt rape.

    • npal December 21, 2009 at 9:06 pm

      lol, you’re more perverted than me. I was following the plot so it didn’t really occur to me. Although if I may be excused, they usually have their eyes open, so that’s one less signal to cause me to pervert the pic (not to mention their eyes don’t get these red lines there, so it felt obvious it wasn’t the case :p) But whatever, it’s a valid comment I suppose :p

      EDIT: Oh, it’s YOU. No wonder :ppp