Haruhi S2 (?) episode 6 (?) – Damn… I don’t care anymore…

[Mazui]_Suzumiya_Haruhi_no_Yuuutsu_(2009)_-_16_[2225CDD1][(000378)15-13-20]Obligatory introductory pic.

Overall, I’d rather be blogging something else.  If you need to know the episode review, just browse the previous Haruhi reviews.  It’s pretty much the same.  Easily spotted differences in this one is the clock effect near the end, the re-emergence of Mikuru’s classified info talk, the last Yuki-Kyon talk moved to Test of courage and the omission of the yukata shopping.

Let me just say a few words after I wasted bandwidth on this and took time to watch it, take screenshots and actually blog it.  As with the previous episodes, should this episode stand on its own, it’s a pretty decent episode.   Although it’s not really the best in terms of animation, the moe is there, which makes it pleasant enough to watch.  The problem is that it’s been 5 times already and honestly, that’s as far as it’s gonna go for me.  It can end next week for all I care, it can end next year, I might watch it next week, or put it in my pile of stalled anime.  The fact is I don’t care about it anymore, at least as far as Endless Eight goes.  It can conclude next week or drag over another 50 episodes and my level of interest will stay as leveled as it has become.  Overall, I’d rather watch something different, blog something different and let Crapuhi end wherever it wants to.  I’m not sure whether I want to watch the next arc, but I suppose I’ll give it a try IF/WHEN I realize Endless Eight has ended.  Otherwise, good riddance, Haruhi, you’ll hardly be missed.

For those of you who can’t live without captions, the earlier Endless Eight reviews have captions.  If you don’t care about scrolling there to check the captions, just imagine captions like : moe/been there/done that/boring/who cares.

So, now that’s out of the way, time to go get my Shangri-la latest episode review ready for later today.  That does leave me with one more spot for blogging since Haruhi is indefinitely stalled so I’ll check on all the new ones I was supposed to want to blog and see what fits my taste and my limited time better.


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