Haruhi S2 ep 5 – Fanservice, lulz and fail, that’s all there is in the end.



Let’s see… Review, review… OH wait! I just have this BRILLIANT idea for this Haruhi episode review!  Let’s see if I am as successful cause this is an artistic review a la Kyoani.

OK, seriously, have you read my Haruhi season 2 episode 3 4 review?  Have you watched EITHER episode 2 or episode 3 episode 3 or episode 4? Then you really don’t need to watch this one, except for the extra moe.

I could see how episode 3 3 or 4 MIGHT have been needed (although a good storyteller could easily avoid the repetition), but episode 4 5 is just going overboard.  I’m not sure who to blame for this one… KyoAni for following the novel a bit TOO close and proving once again their storytelling skills are as good (or as bad) as the source material or blame the novel?  I will give the novel the benefit of the doubt, cause books have ways to repeat the same thing without obvious copy-paste, and just blame Kyoani.  Sure the novel isn’t a classic masterpiece but I shudder to think that ANY writer would pull a repeat in a book twice in basically the same way, so while I have my doubts about the quality of the novels, I don’t believe it’s the novel’s fault, although the facts aren’t speaking in its defense one bit yup, I read the related chapter, it’s clearly not the novel’s fault, it’s Kyoani deviating from the source, and messing up as always. they killed the novel pretty hard, making the resolution useless and lame now.

Of course, Kyoani did their best in making it appear like new material old material and basically targeted at supplying the same moe under a different wrapping.  Well, true, the moe is there, different clothes, different takes, it LOOKS like a new episode for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t feel like one, save ONE… PLUS… THE DAMN PLOT!  ALMOST ALL THE DIALOGUE!  If they wanted me to have some serious deja vu, they failed, cause instead of deja vu, I feel like Yuki.  If they wanted me to feel like Yuki, congratulations, I’m every bit as annoyed as her, probably more since Yuki isn’t really the passionate type and she possibly feels more bored than frustrated they failed again cause instead I now feel totally disinterested in what transpires in Haruhi.  Watching the same thing 3 4 times under different takes, an act which has no real meaning other than making you pull your hair out as it doesn’t supply any new information or advance the stalled plot in any way isn’t really my idea of good storytelling.  We can accept that the plot was normally stalled in episode 3 4, although, as I said, they could easily have erased episode 2 and blend it with episode 3 or 4 by the use of flashbacks/still shots/etc etc.  All in all, we’ve seen 3 4 episodes, out of which we needed just ONE good episode.  Two episodes  were bearable, three+ is overkill four+ is beyond overkill, it’s pure retardation.  The overall idea of being locked in time and repeating is ok and all, and it’s bound to get resolved eventually, but the anime storytelling is now bordering on ridiculous.

Anyway, if you managed to survive the above rant (again), plus the episodes themselves, here’s the post’s gallery after the intermission for the fun of it.  You got to take the bad with the good and, at the very least, the thing was still moe despite being utterly pathetic in essence.

And there you have it.  The thing I fear that may actually happen is having the next episode being yet ANOTHER repeat, maybe until around the end where Kyon has some sort of revelation and finally gets what Haruhi wants to do or something.  All in all, they might as well wrap the thing up and move on, cause in the end, unfortunate though that is, this episode just made the whole arc fail.  I suppose I got some more HaruhixMikuru footage and Haruhi was being nice to her, so I shouldn’t be too distraught, but I can’t but feel I’ve wasted around 30 minutes watching the episode, taking screenshots, and possibly another hour or so actually reviewing the thing.   From a moe perspective it’s as good as ever, but even moe series can’t be THAT blatantly repetitive.  For those that were actually blaming K-ON’s episode 10 for being pure repeat, you can have fun will all these identical Haruhi episodes. I doubt I’ve seen more of a straight and totally unnecessary repeat than these three.  K-ON’s supposed repeat was way better, which is insane thinking about it, because Haruhi is supposed to be a moe series with a better plot than K-ON, so it SHOULD have been better, not worse.

Someone should REALLY get his act together and make a decent episode again…

PS I kinda forgot to mention it but WTH is wrong with the raws? All fansubs I download have absolutely horrible image quality…

/stands back and marvels at his take on modern art… Damn… Pure artistic genius!  I have just one more thing to say for this.

Oh the fail...

Oh the fail...

I might add captions in the gallery, and I might not.  Thing is I have work to do right now so it’ll take around 6 hours to actually add the captions.  For those who want captions NOW, go back to my previous Haruhi post, most images in this post correspond to the image fest of all the previous episodes that I posted.  Otherwise, yeah, enjoy the images as they come.  Please take the time to marvel at my genius by actually going through the quoted altered post and feel a sense of deja vu, frustration, failure and all that stuff and make me a God of modern art, kthxbyelulz.  Seriously though, see ya around.

PS For all you following epic Kuniko and her adventures, I’ll try to get the review done later today.  Subs finally came out.

4 responses to “Haruhi S2 ep 5 – Fanservice, lulz and fail, that’s all there is in the end.

  1. sunshinesan July 11, 2009 at 7:26 am

    Do you have any idea how many episodes is this season projected to run? Haruhi is one of the best series I’ve seen in messing with the viewers head, and these “repeat” episodes do a fine job of that… except… it would be troublesome if season 2 turned out to be… Endless Eight x 13 + random Bamboo episode.

    • npal July 11, 2009 at 12:12 pm

      Well, the crappy news is that we MIGHT have 2 more to wrap up endless eight. I mean, that’s the bet going around now but honestly no one really nows. Not sure how the 6eps bet came up, I THINK it has something to do with how many directors or animation teams are left to have a take at Endless Eight.

  2. Freeg July 11, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Do you know what Kyon is supposed to do to make Haruhi entertained so the ‘same fucking episode’ won’t repeat again? If it’s some silly dumb shit, I will completely drop the series and double face palm with you. Actually I havn’t watched past episode 3 yet but I mean I will not keep tabs on this series. I’ve heard of people trying to milking things but this is.. like some 4 yr old writing up a story and thinking they the shit for being smart and revolutionary.

    • npal July 11, 2009 at 1:16 pm

      Well, I know, I read the relevant novel chapter. I DO hope you’re not waiting for some supreme revelation. If Endless Eight was 2 episodes, or one, like the novel, it would be ok. With 6 episodes, unless they deviate from the novel, expect pulling of hair and feelings of utter failure to appear because of the resolution.