Summer Season – More mini first episode reviews (aka Pile Two 1st impressions)

The season is so full of moe I bet moe haters are being driven into their underground dungeons as we speak

The season is so full of moe I bet moe haters are being driven into their underground dungeons as we speak

[Yeah, it has spoilers :p]

I want to get this out of my system so “WTF ARE MY SHANGRI-LA 14 SUBS?! >_<”  Anyway, more new stuff came out this week.  Summer season is turning out pretty interesting (for me anyway).  I’m a moe/comedy/romance/slice-of-life fan (except ARIA, can’t survive ARIA).  So this season being practically swarming series having some or all of these elements is sure win in my book.  Of course I forgot that WAY too many nice series were coming out this season so whatever I said about picking up anime this season for blogging in my previous post needs to be revised, although the series I really wanted to blog still have the highest probability of getting blogged, but limited time means there’s bound to be caveats regarding how many I can blog, not mentioning Trolluhi and Shangri-la.

Anyway, onwards to the anime in question.

Woot! That's more yuri than Aoi Hana.

Woot! That's more yuri than Aoi Hana.

Yuri is only getting stronger for some reason.  I remember yuri being much more subtle than this, now it seems more and more series are coming out of the closet and doing some full blown yuri, a number of which border to hentai.  So anyway, what’s this? That’s Kanamemo, our new yuri hit.  This seems a bit of everything.  I like anime that feel like a bit of everything.  This one in particular seems like a combo of comedy/moe/yuri romance/slice of life, judging from the first episode alone.  Oh, there’s also a yuri lolicon girl going around these parts, that WAS a rather daring concept but seeing as it’s what it is and considering the target audience, no one minds.  So Kana, the moe thing on top of the post loses her grandma, then runs from home after a misunderstanding.  K-ON Yui returns with a vengeance.  I actually thought Yui was stupid (Yui’s my favorite K-ON girl btw so back off, flamers :p) until I saw Kana… Sharing the same seiyuu isn’t really helping matters either :p  So Kana is the pretty normal girl that is a BIT put off but all the sudden yuri and loli abuse she witnesses while looking for a job and a place to stay, but in the end she bumps into the blonde girl above, falls unconscious and gets treated in that pervert nest consisting of : 2 yuri girls (pic shown), 1 yuri lolicon, 1 rather normal girl (my favorite for some reason, I can’t explain although that blonde sure is fun, too) and the manager, the strict loli.  In the end, they let her stay and work as a paper girl.

The thing was pretty fun to watch.  The OP itself reminded me of K-ON, with the girl+name presentation.  The episode itself was mostly comedy, the yuri, while exaggerated felt like it was handled rather cutely but seriously enough.  I was a bit taken aback by its direct approach but I can appreciate the thing after the initial “woot! did I see that?!” shock.  The animation/design quality was pretty standard, it feels right without standing out, not great, not a deal-breaker either.

Blog this? Probably.  It was fun to watch, it’s lighthearted, it’s kinda silly but sometimes makes you feel warm and fuzzy so yeah, I’ll try to make a slot for this.

Landpeople are weird

Landpeople are weird

I finally got around to watching the first episode of Umi Monogatari.  So there are those sea people that look totally like normal people clad in extremely skimpy clothing.  Sometimes they can even move like there’s no water resistance at all, but other times not, so I guess it might be the animators getting sloppy?  You have two totally hot sisters, Marin(?) and Urin.  Urin’s the loli and she’s a surefire jailbait.  Marin’s the hot blond onee-chan.  They spot a ring that’s obviously came down from above so Marin wants to give it back to the “sky people” because a beautiful thing like this can only belong to someone with a beautiful heart or something… Yeah yeah… So they take a Bracelet of Air Breathing from a statue, go up then try to find the ring owner in the nearby village by the shore, which is in the middle of a summer festival.  Of course everyone takes notice, including the ring owner, Kanon (yes that’s the third girl in the pic above), who apparently threw the ring away because Kitamura some guy broke up with her.  She throws the ring away again, then both half-naked sea girls start looking for it AGAIN, then fireworks start, sea girls get scared, fastforward, hot loli finds the ring and in her attempt to retrieve it opens some sort of sealed sarcophagus and something nasty apparently comes out.

Well, the thing is fanservicey enough.  Marin and Urin are placed in a number of hot positions while searching for the ring but even without them, they’re too hot.  Kanon’s kinda cute.  Not sure what to make of this thing (yet again).  It definitely has comedy, it’s into fanservice and moe but I can’t say much until I see more episodes.  I can see it going to many directions as it is and I don’t have experience with any original material regarding that so I don’t really know.  I do hope it doesn’t get too emo cause the undertones were there a number of times.

The designs were eye-pleasing, I suppose it’s the sea girl clothes that are eye-catching and drool-inducing cause the school uniform of the village is rather plain.

Blog this? Not sure.  It had its good points but I have other stuff I prefer over this, but it’s definitely a nice watch ^^

I suppose it’s time to take a break from all the fanservice/comedy stuff and get to something completely bonkers.  I actually thought this would be another fanservice anime, just having to do with vampires and all that supernatural stuff.

Our new boxcutter lady.  Long Live Hitagi-sama (woot, two weapon fighting, stampler+boxcutter)

Our new boxcutter lady. Long Live Hitagi-sama (woot, two weapon fighting, stampler+boxcutter)

Yeah, it pays not looking too much into the previews and all that cause I like the element of surprise and going pure at something :p Bakemonogatari was a bit on the weird side.  The OP sequence itself is as weird as one can get, it’s got strange splatter and a number of other stuff.  The anime itself feels like ef, only in its totally wicked side, utilizing camera angles in rather interesting ways, becoming slightly confusing at some point, like ef sometimes, although ef was generally a bit more straighforward than this.  It’s even weirder when the first thing you see is slow motion lifting skirt and panty admiration, then this totally hot council president girl talking with the main lead.  It seemed pretty straightforward even with the girl falling from above and all that, until the falling girl comes up to the guy as he leaves the classroom and puts a friggin boxcutter and stampler in his mouth because her weightlessness secret got exposed.  Where’s the mandatory yandere SEEDmode look? >_<  So anyway, apparently the guy isn’t normal either.  He got bitten by a vampire and managed to get cured (still has a few quirks like fast regeneration -boohoo- ) so he thinks her condition can be reversed, too.  Hitagi-sama calls herself tsundere, Araragi (the main guy) argues she’s more of an ice queen, but I think she’s just totally psycho.  I mean, a yandere has a noble cause, a yangire also has a rather noble cause, a tsundere is DERE besides tsun, this one’s a plain psychopath :p  Well, as long as she wields Kaede-sama’s weapon of choice, it’s all good in my book :p  So anyway, they go to this dude that helped Araragi.  The guy’s a total weirdo and even has some loli sitting in a corner doing nothing.  Not sure what the deal was but there was this sort of crab creature/kami/whatever that afflicted Hitagi with that weightlessness issue and I’m not sure how they’re gonna fix it.

Well this thing seems well made as far as animation and stuff are concerned, although the design quality tends to shift from pretty good with close ups to weird with far shots.

It’s one of the more serious series this season apparently.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to non-lighthearted series but this one seems good enough, although the OP sequence feels a bit foreboding.  I’m not into needless splatter too much and the OP sequence wasn’t exactly withholding any so…

Blog this? Not sure.  Hot girls + a girl with a boxcutter is always win, but sometimes it doesn’t make much sense and I have other stuff I prefer blogging :p I’ll see if I can get this one, since I won’t be reviewing Canaan anyway.

The season of boobs is upon us I suppose.  Thank you, Queen's Blade :p

The season of boobs is upon us I suppose. Thank you, Queen's Blade :p

And here’s an anime with nice designs and some big boobs to boot.  Princess Lover feels like a harem anime.  I suppose it helps that it is an eroge adaptation (I think).  STILL the main character doesn’t feel like a complete and utter moron like the usual harem lead.  His awesome parents got killed for some reason and there seems to be foul play in that, so the guy vows to find the culprit and get revenge.   He thought he was as poor as he can get, but it turns out his grandpa has a trunkload of cash and power, and he adopts him.  On his way to meet his grandpa, he spots a bunch of buffoons on a car chasing after a… eh… horse carriage… with real horses… and an old butler with the mandatory name of Alfred (lulz) and an awesome beauty with these huge assets (exhibit A).  He tries to save them (the girl and the butler, not the assets, although I suppose saving the girl helps with the latter, too :p), does some stunts, gets overtaken, then the buttler goes nuts and kicks the living crap out of the bunch of losers but the girl’s about to fall from the carriage so Teppei (that’s our guy) comes to the rescue, only to have them both fall down the cliff.  The trees stop their HUUUUGE fall (ok that was the first lulz, the Alfred bit was kinda funny), then we get that “woot, boobs whoops /me squeeze” part, girl wakes up, introduces herself as Charlotte Haagendazs Hazelrink and we’re off.  In the process of this episode you get retarded middleaged corporate worms, an awesome grandfather, a maid in heaven (pun intended especially for those who “know” ) a cute loli, Maria van Hossen, her cool butler father and her swordwielding onee-chan, Sylvian van Hossen, who’s supposedly Teppei’s fiance (damn, some guys are born too lucky >_< ).  We’ll be getting a fourth girl to the equation next episode.

Yeah, it does feel like a harem anime already, but I watch those so meh :p The premise seems more interesting that the rest of the harem anime I’ve watched so far so that’s a plus.  Let’s hope the guy doesn’t turn into a complete idiot as episodes progress.  Not much else to say other than I’ll be (obviously) watching this.

Blog this? Not sure.  Too many series, too many series.  I kinda doubt it’d be that fun blogging a straight harem anime so…

Last but certainly not least, something I didn’t expect to like when I first heard about it.

Mii-chan is made of love and win

Mii-chan is made of love and win

Astromony? Ok, I might get the comedy part, I thought, but stargazing and slice of life might get a bit too boring…  Somehow Sora no Manimani delivered enough win to be one of my favorites so far this season.  You have this guy, Saku, who’s a quiet bookworm type who got dragged around by Mihoshi (Mii-chan) when he was younger.  He left town only to come back now due to his father’s job transfer.  He tries to forget about his childhood tormentor who kidnapped his books and made him run around all the time to play or look at the stars etc etc only to find Mii-chan attending the same school.  Mii-chan is the child of a hot yuri of epic proportions between Suzumiya Haruhi and Hojo Kuniko.  Ok ok, not really but she’s basically a successful blend of the aforementioned characters, with the Kuniko blend having the upper hand while keeping some of Haruhi’s good points, so it’s a character made of pure win.  So Mii-chan keeps chasing Saku-chan around the school, bouncing on him on every occasion (ok ok, we get the underlying romance already), Saku goes nuts, Mii-chan cries, you know how it is, Saku joins Mii-chan in the Astronomy club.  There’s some sort of anemic/tuberculosis guy who’s the president of the Astronomy club, as well as another girl, so that makes them 4 members, needing one more or they have to disband, lol at K-ON reference.  Oh, we also get this totally hot student council president with the anime’s biggest assets (all student council presidents apparently have to be hot in Japan :p) who’s also the president of the literature club (woot! Mii-chan love rival!).  That’s basically it.

For a first episode it was rather fun.  The whole Mii-chan/Saku issue feels like a strange blend between Suzumiya Haruhi/Kyon and Nogizaka Haruka/Yuuto relationship, the later one, being so full of win, only enhances the win factor here.

Everything else feels good enough so no complains there.

Blog this? Mii-chan is made of epic win.

Damn, all those nice series this summer and I’m busy with my thesis… >_< Wish I could blog most of those in my usual review style but if I can’t do otherwise, I might have to just make some reviews smaller due to limited time, in order to blog more of these.  This season is full of win for me.  I can see the usual anti-moe, pro(-pseudo)-seriousness crowd shooting most of the anime studios involved in the summer season but who cares.  I like it, that’s all that matters in the end.  As long as they keep my rather low and easily satisfied expectation… well, satisfied, I’ll be content.  Also, if you’re gonna go emo near the end and somehow kiss and make up for no reason when you have all the reason to be hurt and the power to attack (coughtayutamacoughamericoughcoughshufflecoughkaedecough), just don’t go there.  It’s just too lame.  Either don’t start or finish it properly.  Anyway, it’s a rather nice season despite the crappy heat so yay! Now hopefully I can actually finish Regios and SoraKake at some point and move completely to summer season.

PS Typos and other errors fixed (hopefully)


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