Lantis on the rise… I want King Records to be that witty T_T

They're first~

They're first~

It’s no news that J-music is getting increasingly popular in the west, particularly in North America. Be it Olivia’s + Tsuchiya Anna’s NANA live performances or KOTOKO’s, they have all been rather well received by the non-asian wannabe otakus. I personally am still waiting for my Nana to make it to Spain some day, but that’s another story.

It’s also known that various Hatsune Miku songs can be found on N. America’s iTunes store in between all those “real” voices :p Well, apparently some brave soul in Lantis took that as an example, and decided that anisongs should also be available on said store too (I mean, if a virtual idol that looks like a manga character can make it, why not real people who sing for anime?). Oh, and Geneon Entertainment had already been doing something similar since January apparently (never bothered checking it myself though. I didn’t like the whole iTunes idea the minute I heard about it, to be honest).

So, who are the lucky anisong representatives? If you have a look at all the names signed under Lantis, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess who they’d pick. The first to make the debut this summer will be JAM Project, followed by Hirano Aya, Ali Project (*shudders*), Suzumiya Haruhi(‘s music) and Lucky Star(‘s music), among other artists (I think Chihara Minori is also included). I wouldn’t exactly say they’re the best singers out there (JAM Project not included), but seeing how K-ON!’s music is still hanging onto decent positions on that charts… Anyway, they also have a myspace page set up~

Apparently, while many keep bitching about how anime is in decline, I’m not sure the same can be said about anisongs. What with Mizuki Nana owning the charts and making history, or Animelo becoming increasingly popular each year y’know. Of course, one could argue that has nothing with countries outside Japan, but really, whatever’s popular with Japanese Otaku also tends to be popular with Gaijin Otaku (K-ON! being a rather good example).

So anyway, the point is, anisongs are becoming more popular both in Japan and outside. I mean, if Geneon Entertainment’s idea of putting anisongs on iTunes hadn’t been a hit, I seriously doubt Lantis would be doing this now~

*sigh* How I wish King Records weren’t such a crappy, old-school record label… Nana needs her stuff to get promoted overseas too >.< (Although I won’t be buying her stuff from iTunes if they get put there anyway =x)


5 responses to “Lantis on the rise… I want King Records to be that witty T_T

  1. Ruu July 4, 2009 at 10:27 am

    If Nana-chan comes to Spain someday, my entire existence would be fulfilled.

    • npal July 4, 2009 at 1:07 pm

      Take Re-Hikari and go to Japan, better chances of actually seeing her somewhere :p

    • Re-Hikari July 4, 2009 at 1:48 pm

      Tell me about it XD Actually, even if she doesn’t make it to Spain, just her coming to Europe would make life a joy :p And that’s not that far fetched. She does like England for example, and went there for 3 days (short -_-) to do her Ultimate Diamond photo shoots ;p

      @npal: true… orz

  2. Ruu July 4, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    @npal: better not say it again, because I´ll take it seriously XD. In fact, it´s been three years looking for someone among my friends that share my enjoyment in worshiping Nana, but failed miserably. And it´s dreadfully expensive and boring to go to Japan by oneself, living on the other side of the world 😦

    Anyway, let´s see what happens tomorrow at the Seibu Dome.

    • Re-Hikari July 4, 2009 at 11:29 pm

      lol, if it’s about going to Japan, then I most likely will be going next summer :p (if nothing weird/unexpected comes up). It’d be nice having someone along on the plane ride :p Damn, if anything, the plane ride is what I’d dread the most… Having to stay seated for so long… The 8 hour ride to Dubai used to kill me, I don’t even want to imagine the one to Japan XD But of course, it all goes down to “anything for Nana-chan” ^^