Negima strikes again! Hurray for more DVD goodness?

The Ultimate Harem XP

The Ultimate Harem XP

Whether we like it or not, Mahou Sensei Negima! isn’t going down so easy. Back in February it was announced that we’d be getting more of Negima!’s shota+ecchi goodness in the form of even more OADs. For those unaware, Negima! already has 2 tv anime (first one was a pure work of failure with horrible character designs and animation. For the second round, SHAFT had decided to take matters into their own hands, and gave us Negima!? instead; a rather fun series… that hardly had anything to do with the original manga ^^;), 2 pointless specials packed with some nice fanservice and little more, and a series of 3 OADs called Negima Ala Alba.

So now we’re getting a second OAD series, this time 4 volumes long, called Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~. I think I actually missed the news when it came out or something, because I think this is the first time I hear about yet another OAD series. Well, either that, or my brain just can’t handle all those OVAs+second seasons going around lately (e.g. to love ru, Tsubasa Shunraiki, xxxHolic Shunmuki, KissxSis (yes I actually watch that =x),Higurashi Rei, CLANNAD Another World, etc etc), so I just forgot about it XD

Anyway, the trailer got put up today (click here to go to the official promo site) and I gotta say, I’m impressed. SHAFT just keeps delivering better animation with each new series they release, and this being an OAD, it obviously gets even more carefully crafted =3 But the animation aside, I’m also impressed with the scenes shown in that trailer. Personally, I had stopped reading the Negima! manga at the 16th volume (yup, in the middle of the awesome festival arc ^^;), not because I lost interest or anything, but because I moved from Dubai to Spain, and I didn’t want to continue the rest of the series in Spanish after having bought all the previous volumes in English >.< I keep telling myself to order a bunch of them from, but between not having enough money for that and not having time to even read them if I got them, I just kept putting it off…

Of course, with time, my interest started to fade, but this short 2 minute trailer managed to get me back into full Negima! mode XD Once I make sure I have enough money set aside for my incoming figures and CDs, I’ll be sure to order at least a handful of volumes (I’ll prolly end up getting more than just that though lol).

Now, putting the manga aside, here’s the first thing that caught my attention in the trailer:

He's back >.<

He's back >.<

The white haired kid is back! I’ve actually been waiting for him to come back eventually, so I find it a bit funny that I don’t even remember his name… Actually, does he ever even say his name? Doesn’t matter, the point is, he’s back to kick some negi-ass. Although…

Boku no Secchan T_T

Boku no Secchan T_T

I’ll be the one kicking his ass if he’s behind that >.< Thing is, he most likely is, which is disappointing. You’d think Secchan can stand up to him now… But apparently she hasn’t improven that much o.O Or maybe he’s gotten stronger? Whatever the case, this is obviously going to be a rather action-oriented series, so the ecchi will probably be kept to a minimum. Only thing I hope is that they won’t be kicking Secchan out of the picture too soon. ‘Cause the way I see it, they might be getting her K.O.ed quick so Negi can have his way with the other kiddo (or should it be vice-versa :p)

Anyway, since I left the story around the time Secchan goes “I only have feelings for Ojou-sama” (I loled at that), here’s to hoping we’ll manage to see some nice KonoSetsu ^^ Hmm… Maybe something like what happened in the first series (prolly the only good scene in it >_>;) when Konoka makes a pactio with Secchan to save her (instead of with Negi, as per the original manga).

I’m starting to have a bunch of speculations now, and I’m actually kinda happy I hadn’t read any more of the manga, ’cause if I had, I wouldn’t be playing all these possibilities in my head right now :p I mean, since this seems like the continuation of the previous OAD series, with them probably being in Britain at last, the story itself shouldn’t be too hard to follow~


6 responses to “Negima strikes again! Hurray for more DVD goodness?

  1. npal July 1, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Oh, look, a ghost is posting on the blog… >_>

    And what do you mean by Boku no? :PPPP

  2. yankumin July 6, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    The white haired kid’s name is Fate… And you’re wrong Secchan is mine. Mwahahaha!

    • Re-Hikari July 6, 2009 at 5:52 pm


      *kicks yankumin*

      She’s mine =3

      Ok, that wasn’t a very nice welcome :p

      Anyway, I actually went and read the rest of the Negima manga up-to-date online (Del Rey be damned lol), so I got the dude’s name :p Fate Averruncus (the third? there was something about a three too), or something. Of all names… I prefer my Feito-chan =3 (Fate Testarossa that is :p)