Haruhi Season 2 ep 3 – Really episode 2 ver. 15498+

LOL, Kyon fanservice? At least there's imouto there.

LOL, Kyon fanservice? At least there's imouto there.


Please, God, make the damned captions work correctly this time…  Ok, onward with the second review.  Well, I’m a guy so Kyon fanservice just doesn’t cut it :p  Yes, I know I didn’t review episode 2 but don’t worry.  Even if I didn’t review it, even if you missed the episode, you didn’t lose that much because this one is basically an enhanced version of episode 2 with a number of extra stuff.  So yeah,  I think you could even watch this and understand what was going on.  It’s just that episode 2, being much simpler, would be easier to grasp and will also serve as a guide to this one.

So let’s see what we get here…Obviously enough, as the title says, we get an even MORE compact episode 2 rerun (if that was even possible).  I’ll try to keep it short cause half the thing is basically the same as episode 2 (more or less, with some differences here and there) and because I’m tired due to K-ON’s post getting messed up and me having to work on it for hours to check what the hell was wrong with the coding…

That’s an episode 2 re-run with a number of extras and various differences but the essence is the same.  Bikes, pool, swimsuits, nosebleed, yukatas, more nosebleed, Mikuru’s boobs bouncing all over the place, fatal nosebleed, Mikuru’s wet boobs bouncing all over the place, revival is impossible, festival, fireworks, bug hunting, test of courage, bowling, stargazing, intimacy, censored stuff, oh and the dark realization that these two weeks of vacation have been repeating some 15,498 times already, which, by Kyon’s calculations, means that he has lived around 594 years in total.  No wonder Yuki seem so bored/annoyed/depressed.  I’d shoot myself after the 50th time if I had to watch the same things going on again, let alone managing to over 15,000.  Of course, Mikuru would be reason enough to endure this ordeal…

Anyway, so everyone keeps having deja vu and at some point Itsuki invites Kyon to meet the rest of the gang, then he explains that they’re stuck in a time repetition.  Poor Mikuru can’t get in contact with her superiors or go back to the future, while Yuki remembers the whole thing.   Apparently good old Haruhi just can’t have enough fun (as that’s something new…)  Of course, the easy way out would be to redo the whole “Oh how I love ponytails *CHUUUU* ” thing or something similar according to Itsuki, but Kyon doesn’t seem that willing, so they’re pretty much stuck for the time being without having any means of escape and Haruhi just keeps resetting time.

Well, besides the moe stuff, the thing I actually liked in this episode (and I was pretty much dying to see it in the previous season) is Haruhi treating Mikuru as something more than a cosplaying funbag toy.  That fact that she did only made me screw my eyeballs back in place to take a better look.  Let’s face it, Mikuru is Haruhi’s closest person.  Yeah, it’s because of the whole abuse thing, but in the end she spends more time with her and is occupied with her more than with Kyon or anyone else, so seeing them actually going around the festival like close friends was pretty nice.   While Haruhi HAS apparently omitted fulfilling Mikuru wish some 400-500 times, it’s still not much out of the whole 15,500 times she repeated the process.  That Haruhi specifically asked Mikuru what she’d like and she actually took the time to make it happen most of the time felt nice ^^ The next thing I want to see is Mikuru stop being a total moeblob and actually develop a backbone or something.  I mean it’s obvious Haruhi and Kyon are developing.  It’s obvious that Yuki is being bothered by the whole thing.  Damn, even Itsuki actually feels more aggressive this season (Kyon, keep your rear covered at all times, you never know…)  But poor Mikuru only looks pretty, squeals and cries.  Seriously, let poor Mikuru develop SOME characteristic other than moe…

Overall, I was pleased with the episode if only for the HaruhixMikuru interactions.  Finally the abuse and all the rough yuri are turning into something more romantic, so yay.  Yes, I know, somehow I found yuri again :p It must be the K-ON deprivation syndrome, lol.

I used the gallery function cause I’m too exhausted to try to add the images one by one so no concluding image today.  Yes, I know I didn’t utilize the titles and just went with just the captions today, but seriously, after 10 hours in front of the damn blog, 4 or which were after midnight, I seriously couldn’t be bothered that much >_< WP screwed up pretty badly today.

There wasn’t a preview for the next episode either so we don’t know what to expect.  I’m actually not sure HOW this season is broadcasted and what the hell are they doing with mixing the new season with the season one rerun… Anyway, hopefully they can keep this up.  It’s still basically a moe series but at least Haruhi feels more and more like someone you can actually grow to like.

Phew… It’s over… See you next time I suppose.

6 responses to “Haruhi Season 2 ep 3 – Really episode 2 ver. 15498+

  1. Karen June 28, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    I laughed at the Kyon-service, and Itsuki really creeps me out. x_X

    • npal June 28, 2009 at 4:38 pm

      Well, he’s certainly more spooky than the previous season. Although I think he’s just acting most of the time. 😛 Then again, everyone could be a villain in this thing, besides Kyon, e.g. Itsuki’s ESPer organization, Mikuru’s superiors, the Data Entities, etc etc :p I kinda doubt this thing is that deep though :p One nutcase Haruhi is enough. Hopefully Itsuki’s yaoi plans will be twarted.

  2. Terry June 29, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    kyon is nice with the sudden shout in ^^

  3. sunshinesan June 29, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    I don’t think its really necessary to post WARNING: SPOILERS EMINENT!!!!! everytime you do an episode review. I think for the most part, people reading these should have seen the episodes already. Then again, we live in an age where people could sue because their coffee was too hot.

    • npal June 29, 2009 at 9:08 pm

      And win the trial, too. Well, the thing is that you may be able to review something without going into details.

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