[Animelo 2009] RE:BRIDGE -Return to oneself-

I'd appreciate a group picture better than this ^^;

I'd appreciate a group picture better than this ^^;

It’s out… The thing that many have been looking forward to, and many more have been dreading… This year’s Animelo theme single, RE:BRIDGE -Return to oneself-!! Me wonders if this is a hidden message directed at me to make me go :p Y’know, I’ve been using the Re-Hikari name since waaaaay before after all :p

Before I express my amusement at this year’s duet arrangements, let me put a list with the order of vocal appearances:




Mizuki, Hirano
Everyone, Mizuki
Suara, Chihara



savage genius
savage genius+Ohmi

Kuribayashi, Sakakibara
Everyone, Kuribayashi
Yonekura, Ito


Okui, May’n
Everyone, Okui
Momoi, Kageyama+Okui

Since this year’s theme was composed by Kuribayashi Minami (hence why it sounds so different from all the previous songs), it’s only natural for her to sing the first line… Bleh, at least Okui Masami still wrote the lyrics >_> And then we get Ayane’s singing… in which she sounds so much like Mizuki Nana I feel like shooting myself for being such a failure of a Nana fan and actually confusing them for a second when I first heard the song >.< And then third is May’n… I believe last year she had the largest number of lines, yes? Well, she’s not fallen that short of that this time. I think May’n and Kuribayashi got the most lines this year? And Nana, but her lines are actually rather short >.<

Speaking of May’n. I’m subscribed to Makkun’s upcoming releases on cdjapan, and I got an email today about an Okui Masami single featuring May’n that’s gonna come out on the 21st of August. The single itself is still untitled, and all we know is that it’ll be the intro theme of an anime called Ontama! … Sounds like a lolicon anime to me lol

*cough* Moving on, we have Ito Kanako singing along with Yonekura Chihiro. I don’t know much about either, so I’m not capable of reading anything into that duet. Nothing to comment on the Fukuyama Yoshiki+manzo duet either… ‘Xept that it doesn’t sound as GAR as I thought it would :p Then we got a Momoi Halko (or Haruko >_>) and Chihara Minori duet… I don’t like the former… I love the latter… No other comments >_>

Now we get to the interesting part… When we saw Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya on the same day… Many of us thought… “WHITE ALBUM”. Well, looks like we weren’t that off the mark… If the NanaxAya duet here is any indicator, for better or worse, it seems like we probably will get a duet with them together. Now, I know many people didn’t like the idea of that, and if it means no NanaxYukarin (by the way, Tamura Yukari doesn’t get any lines in this single T_T *sob*) then I’m probably against the idea too. However, this could still turn out interesting.

Last year, when Nana and Yukarin sang together, Nana had to tone down her usual hyperness quite a bit. It was too damn obvious, with Yukarin barely moving and Nana swaying from one side to another in place. Now, we all know Aya-tan is too hyper for her own good on stage (to the point of ruining her singing quite badly too >.<) and Nana herself can be a bit too hyper sometimes too… So depending on what song they sing, we might end up with two energy blobs jumping around on stage together :p That’s actually a very tempting thought… In my mind at least XD Anyway, as long as they don’t sing… say… Shin Ai… I’m probably fine with this duet =3 I don’t remember what Aya’s WHITE ALBUM song sounded like, but I wouldn’t mind them singing SOUND OF DESTINY ^^

Wouldn't it be funny if they didn't sing together at all in the end? lol

Wouldn't it be funny if they didn't sing together at all in the end? lol

Moving on, we get the three (probably) least sociable singers singing a line by themselves each. “Takarano” is Takarano Arika by the way, better known as ALI PROJECT’s singer :p I wonder if we’ll ever get a SuaraxNana duet… They’re supposedly pretty good friends, but I just never see Suara relating to anyone >_> Anyway, at least no more ArikaxNana. While I did find the whole Arika blushing (more like panicking) at Nana’s approaches rather amusing last year, I don’t think anyone needs any other duet with them together.

Next up is Ishikawa Chiaki and ELISA. I can’t connect the two in any way, so I’ll just place that as a random duet to get people who don’t relate to others much sing something together. Then we got YOFFY (lol, that’s PSYCHIC LOVER’s singer :p) and Kitadani Hiroshi with another failed attempt at sounding GAR… But no worries, KISHOW (GRANRODEO singer) makes up for it ;p

And me is psychic!! OK not really. It was kinda obvious that savage genius (or Aa rather) would end up singing with some cute little lady Ohmi Tomoe. People, make sure you memorize their Maze song properly, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s gonna be at Animelo :p Their duet in RE:BRIDGE just proves that. It’s a bit lol that they just get that mini verse all for themselves, and then they shut up completely for the rest of the song XD (‘xept in the “Everyone” parts of course). At least it’s more than what Aya-tan got though o.O I mean, the poor girl gets a single, short line in Engrish, and then a duet with Nana where Nana was luckily kind enough to not go all out and let Aya’s voice actually be heard, instead of easily drowning it with her much stronger one -_-;

I’m guessing the next part was supposed to be all for Kuribayashi, but then they remembered someone called Sakakibara Yui who was supposed to sing in there, and figured that, since Kuribayashi already has many lines, they’d just hand some over to Yuinyan… And then we get Yonekura and Ito (not in a duet, but one after the other) again… There’s definitely something fishy there :p

And apparently someone still didn’t have enough ArikaxNana, so they gave a line to Arika, followed immediately by a line sung by Nana… And then I loled at Nana’s voice sounding even stronger than Endo Masaaki’s XDD So she gives Aya-tan some space, but decides to shame a JAM PROJECT singer by drowning his voice out :p? Oh well, I’m not complaining ^^

Anyway, song gets closed by Makkun, then May’n (I see favoritism!!). Looks like May’n is loved by the old generation lol I mean, she sang with JAM PROJECT’s Fukuyama Yoshiki too. But that made more sense, since they’re both Macross singers… But what the hell brings Makkun and May’n together o.O? Their love for the U.S. or something :p? Anyway, they’re not on the same day, so no MakkunxMay’n duet UNLESS they bring in May’n to sing with all of JAM PROJECT like they did with Misato Aki last year?

Oh well, Okui+May’n duet followed by even more Makkun (‘s ok, we don’t mind :p) and then Momoi Halko ruins the day (wtf is she doing at the end there >.<? I’d understand if it were Kuribayashi, but Momoi >_>). Finally we get GAR ending with Makkun and Kageyama Hironobu, so that’s good :p Kinda makes me wonder why that’s Kageyama’s only line… Makkun aside, the JAM PROJECT dudes barely got any lines -_-;

That was a ridiculously long post… I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to the second day a lot more than to the first one :p But since I won’t be going (yeah, even with that open invitation in the title…) it’s not like the days will matter. I’ll get to watch both of them almost simultaneously… 10 months from now… *sigh* Oh, and the song itself, as a whole, is fine (I didn’t quite like it at first though). It sounds a bit odd, but whatever, it’s not like the Animelo songs have ever been great or anything~


8 responses to “[Animelo 2009] RE:BRIDGE -Return to oneself-

  1. npal June 25, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Oi, I liked the 2008 theme :p

    And just for the record, when you have a duet with someone, if you’re a professional, you’re supposed to try and keep your part well enough so that the other person’s voice can be heard enough, unless the other one is supposed to sound less, like a second voice. When you’re NOT supposed to sing over the other person, that’s not bad for the other person, it’s bad for the artist that does it :p So don’t get all happy cause voices don’t get decently tangled up at some point :p Either it’s planned like that, or the artist needs more lessons :p

    And no, Aya is cute and all that, but seriously… I’d rather NOT have her sing. Second voice plus jumping all around the stage is ok, but actually singing on stage while going hyper… not good…

    • Re-Hikari June 25, 2009 at 5:28 pm

      Pro or not, it’s still a fact that Nana’s voice is stronger than a GAR male singer’s :p That’s just too lol to ignore :p And it’s not like she drowned out his voice completely (please, it’s Nana we’re talking about. If there’s one person who knows their vocal lessons properly, it’s her). We can still hear him pretty clearly, it’s just that her voice is obviously more powerful. I mean, if she hadn’t sang the line like that, it would’ve been her own voice that got drowned out completely =x

      And your Aya set up gave me a rather funny idea… If what we want is Aya-tan as a second voice + jumping around… Nana’s Brand New Tops song would be perfect for that XD I was kinda hoping to have her sing it with JAM PROJECT eventually, since it’d definitely suit them, but having Aya do all those Wo’oo’oo lines and the chorus sounds even more tempting =3 Kyaa, me would definitely like to see that some day >,<

  2. LilaChan June 29, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    Nana probally just thought, ‘It’s Masaki Endou, he got a nice powerful voice, so I can go full on’. I never thought Nana’s voice was more powerful then Masaki Endou, you can still hear him, so it’s not a big problem. But I definately loved the part where the two goes ‘Tsudooooooooooo (is that how you spell it?)’, but the way they pull the note is slightly different, yet can both pull it really long without sounding forced. Jam Project would always be on a different day to Nana, because they are the main attractions, I really really want to hear Eternal Blaze Duet between the two of them, he really did the best Eternal Blaze cover I ever heard.

    I think Aya would be too embraressed to jump around Nana, like Minorin acting like a little girl with Makkun.

    • Re-Hikari June 29, 2009 at 11:27 pm

      Ah, you got a point about the Aya being embarrassed thing… If the little free talk between them for the White Album extras is any indicator, Aya-tan prolly would be rather awkward around Nana >,< Although, who knows, they started making little jokes towards the end of that free talk session, so maybe it won't be that awkward now that they’re apparently getting used to each other (damn, if you watch the older Nanoha free talk sessions, we used to have Nana calling Yukarin “Tamura-san” and stuff, and look at them now :p). Regardless, we’re obviously not gonna be seeing Aya jumping around the way she did in last year’s Animelo, but that’s a good thing XD

      Actually, if we’re not gonna be seeing much hyperness, then I’m hoping that Aya will at least try to fix her singing to not be on too much of a different level =/ (y’know, instead of just spouting out the sentences the way she usually does in her live performances…)

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  4. Miharu Endoh August 23, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    “…I wonder if we’ll ever get a SuaraxNana duet… They’re supposedly pretty good friends…”

    Did God hear you???

    I read this post few days ago, and today I saw the list of songs of Anisama 2009 on the website and it says:

    41 『深愛』/水樹奈々+Suara
    (shin ai / mizuki nana + Suara)

    OMG xD u are pretty awesome, I’m waiting for your post about anisama 09.

    • Re-Hikari August 23, 2009 at 10:34 pm

      lol, that was really just a fluke XD I mean, I was simply wondering there, since they are pretty close friends. Not to mention the fact that they both sing for WHITE ALBUM (which is why we got them singing Shin Ai together of course… But I really didn’t see it coming this soon XD).

      Anyway, I wasn’t planning on writing anymore about this year’s animelo (I think I lost half of my hair today while looking at the song list… It’s just too damn epic >,< I really wanted to go T_T) but I suppose I'll have to now ;p

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