1/4 GoodSmile Takamachi Nanoha figure epicness

It's here... finally!

It's here... finally!

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And YES, after paying the insane PVC price, the EMS charges, even import taxes, and MISSING the damn delivery once, it’s here.  My very own adult Nanoha in her uber sexy pink bikini.  I had mixed feelings about buying this one, MAINLY because of the price.  We’re talking about 11k+ yen here, plus EMS, that went over 110€ for me.  The import tax didn’t help.  I’d think you pay for import after 150€… Oh well… Well anyway, DESPITE the money, I’m as happy with this figure as I was with the 1/4 FREEing bunny Mikuru figure.  The normal 1/7-1/8 ones aren’t bad, but nothing beats the awesomeness of a well-made 1/4 figure.

Anyway, for those who might not know, there’s a source for this figure sculpture.

1/4 GS Nanoha source image sample

1/4 GS Nanoha source image sample

As you will see, they added some stuff, mainly the straps around her right arm.  Generally they did an awesome job with the source image, as you will see.

So after I tinkered around with my 2MP mobile phone camera, not being satisfied, getting my 6MP digicam out only to find out that my mobile actually captures much better for reasons that escape me, I finally settled with my mobile phonecam, tweaked it a bit and managed to get droolable nice pics.

So, that’s it for today ^^ I’ll go drool some more now.  Hope you had fun ^^

PS The background is a Windows 7 extra background featuring evening Tokyo (you might see Tokyo Tower in some pics)

PS2 I hope GoodSmile will make a Feito bikini figure like Nanoha’s, since there IS a source image for that, too.


7 responses to “1/4 GoodSmile Takamachi Nanoha figure epicness

  1. Re-Hikari June 11, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Damn, she’s huge @.@ I so wanted this one T_T I’m still considering getting both if they do release Fate-chan in that sexy blue bikini >_> Not sure what my parents’ reaction will be, but…

    Ugh, sometimes I really do wish I were a guy XP

    Oh, and I still think they could’ve done better with the face… And maybe something a bit more creative with the stand… Anyway…

    NICE pics d(>,<)b

    • npal June 11, 2009 at 10:58 pm

      ^^ LOL, be glad I’m gonna be around the house eventually, I’ll just say they’re my figures but I don’t have enough space or something :PPPPP

      And about the photos, we learned some things.
      1. Nanoha is win.
      2. My worn out Motorola actually takes better pics than my crappy digicam.
      3. Some people seem to have a professional studio and a really good cam. The clarity of some other Nanoha pics I saw is astounding… Oh well… binbou otaku must do with what he has 😛

  2. Anata June 11, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    it’s freaking huge

    • npal June 12, 2009 at 12:00 am

      Yes, that’s the point 😛 You can even compare with some usual-sized figures (Kallen and Tama, sitting next to Nanoha in some pics 😛 )

  3. sunshinesan June 12, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    Damn she’s pretty sexy. Though better lighting would have made her stand out more. 1/4 is not that big, but if it gets any bigger, it kinda defeats the purpose of figures imo.

    • npal June 12, 2009 at 8:13 pm

      LOL, yeah but it was night anyway and I didn’t like lighting up the room. She seemed sexier in the twilight 😛 Plus it’d ruin the wallpaper effect. What I DO need is a GOOD digicam… All those shots are mobile shots >_<

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