Bans and how far they can go ~ Japan bans some, Germany considers others.

That's gonna get banned right after Tom & Jerry gets banned due to animated violence.

That's gonna get banned right after Tom & Jerry gets banned due to animated violence.

Ok, so good old Japanese people, after banning lolicon material like doujinshi and games (UNIFEC demands after all) are now banning rape games Now, I wouldn’t have made a post about the thing if 1. Germany wasn’t already considering banning both production and distributions of violent games and 2. I hadn’t come across enough brainwashed ignorant people who actually support the whole notion of the bans.

Why am I against the whole thing you might ask.First of all, let us talk about the usual suspect behind juvenile and young adult criminal behavior, video games.  Before I apply common sense, here are some facts people might want to consider when demonizing violence in video games (and, I might add, in movies, etc etc etc.).

1. This is a 2001 scientific article regarding violent games and their relation to violence and aggression in general.

2.  This is the abstract of a late 2008 article on basically the same topic (full article requires subscription).

What does that mean?  Basically it means that a great number of research papers cannot connect violent video games with criminal activity, and many of those that do, have enough methodological errors to have their results openly questioned.  So… what does THIS mean then?  It means that AT BEST the relationship between violent games and crimes is highly questionable, IF IT EXISTS.  Yet there are enough people who seem to believe that this is indeed true despite research results.  What do you call someone who decides FOR you, WITHOUT you, and with their PERSONAL OPINION/FEELING/WHATEVER as the only concrete reason, what you are going to watch on TV, what you are going to play, and what you are going to read?  Yes… say it with me…


But, hey! For arguments sake, let’s suppose violent games DO INDEED cause crimes.  Damn, I mean there are role playing games when you can actually play the BAD GUY all the way, like you do in a rape game and stuff like thatSo let’s apply the logic of “There must be no violence in entertainment, because it encourages people to be violent and harm others” to all the entertainment spectrum.   Ban all violent games. If games are bad, are violent movies bad or not? I do recall violence in TV and cinema was generally demonized as well.  So let’s ban everything that has explicit violence, rape, murder, etc etc etc.  Hmm… What about something that implies murder? Or what about something that has slaughter or rape happening offscreen but still informing the audience about it?  Oh, that’d be a bad example, wouldn’t it?  IT IS part of the story after all.  So, let’s ban that, too.  But wait!!! Powerpuff girls are FULL of animated violence.  Punches, kicks, etc etc.  Nope, bad example for everyone, it might generate aggression and lead to crime.  Ban it.  Damn, ban Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry, too! I mean seriously, getting hit by tables, chairs, various stuff, maybe getting hanged, pushed from a cliff, etc etc etc… what if children actually DO this?! What if they were imprinted to them and they do them as adults?! Ban! BAN! BAN THEM ALL! OFF WITH HER HEAD!! Oh, and now that I mentioned that… Books?!! What? Alice?! Are you insane? “Off with her head”?! No way! BAN! And Homer, too! Seriously, Iliad and Odyssey are full for deplorable deeds, wars, killings, blood… Ban these, too.  No need to mention about stuff like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, those were banned on sight.  And wait… Doesn’t Disney have some episodes where the protagonist, like Donald Duck for instance, has various fits of rage against someone or generally gets a Looney Tune treatment from his adversaries and vice versa? Nope, ban Disney, too.

What was the point of the above?  That once you start surrendering your freedom of choice without a reason, you will eventually surrender every and all freedom without a reason.  Last time I checked, I was an adult.  I can sign contracts, have other legal and economic dealings, have children, vote in a democratic state, etc etc.  We’re talking about pretty serious stuff here, especially the part about raising kids.  So the state comes to a supposedly responsible adult like me (after all, it was the state that told me I’m responsible for myself now) and actually DECIDES FOR ME what games I will play on my console or PC…? What books I will read? What music I will listen to? What movies I will watch?  And why? Because some mentally challenged individuals, even when most research cannot support their reasoning, decide that doing the above will turn me into a criminal?  Are we even SERIOUS?  What’s this? Global fascism on the rise?

Some will point out however that “many movies and games have violence only because the hero needs to defend something, it’s not the same as rape games or lolicon doujinshi and many other stuff were violence isn’t for a good purpose or it’s the main theme itself”.  Oh really now?  So I cannot judge which is which and someone wiser than most of us can do that for us?  I cannot distinguish reality from fiction? So the state thinks all parents are incapable of teaching their children what is acceptable and what is not?  So the state thinks that I’m an adult only when it suits some lobby’s needs but when it doesn’t, it starts taking away my rights?  I can’t decide on my own?  For the state, UNICEF, feminists (yes, some feminist groups were being too vocal about rape games) etc, I, as well as everyone else who’s done nothing, am a little more than a total psychopath who just needs a bit of a push to slaughter a village and rape children, or almost a criminal, ready to be persuaded to resort to all sorts of crimes depicted in games and movies.  Do these people even think?

Now what if that whole thing about violent games creating violent crimes apply to rape games and lolicon material?  Is it basically the same logic? Of course.  “Exposure will lead to crime”.  Isn’t that the basic reasoning here?  Let’s talk about that a bit more then.  Now before you tell me something about high and mighty UNICEF that is perfectly dependable and only seeks to protect children, that’s why it requests bans of that sort:

(The following link will take you to a site that may not be minor friendly -Sankaku Complex.  If you are a minor, do not press the link.  Everyone else who is “considered an adult”  -pun intended- by all means, go and witness some truth).

Statistics regarding rape and lolicon material

What does this say?  Simple.  They play us for morons… for our own good, of course.  Think of the kids, really.  If anything, these statistics show that bans have the exact opposite effect…

And then, some will say that “violent games have little to do with rape and lolicon material! Rape and lolicon doujinshi and games are heinous crimes against humanity.”  Ah, so killing people by the dozen and in more ways that can be possibly imagined is less of a heinous crime… I see the point there… >_> And of course, they will say “Ban everything then! This world must be purified!” … Ok, so I, my bro, my friends, my parents, my extended family, my friends’ extended families, the vast majority of people, who have no criminal record whatsoever (you DO know that’s true, right?) are ALL exceptions to the rule, having watched all sorts of things and being…normal (!)  Many of us actually like these violent entertainment at least to some extent.  Judging by how much the movie industry makes from movies that have violence in some parts, I take it most people like watching stuff like that at least to some extent.  Yet, most of humanity doesn’t end up shooting people in universities.  So most of humanity is one big exception to the rule some people cite in order to ban stuff, ie that after being exposed to violence, etc etc, we’ll turn into horrible criminals. Then they’re doing it because we just MIGHT?  Isn’t that like “I’ll put you in jail now cause you MIGHT do something in the future”?  What the hell…?! Remember that their reasoning is utterly false, as science cannot prove it.

Oh, here’s another one of my favorites : “CP is a heinous crime! Ban lolicon doujinshi and games!” Eh… Do you know WHY CP is considered such a terrible crime?  Because children, real children, are actively abused to get that material. So OBVIOUSLY people who dare to make stuff like that should be hunted down, captured and, if I may add, executed.  How’s a lolicon/rape doujinshi or game made?  Someone sits somewhere and starts drawing stuff on paper or programs on the PC.  Is there any crime inherent in drawing and programming?  No? Thought so. Or should we just add the obvious message, like in the movies, “no human (child or adult) was harmed in any way during the creation of this product” to be perfectly clear?

So, in the end, what’s all this?  Oh, nothing really.  Some people, mainly westerners have their nice puritan views about the world and want to enforce it upon the rest of the globe.   They can’t support their argument at all, as both statistics and research papers actually speak against them.  But they still try.  The bad thing is they’re doing pretty well.  The other bad thing is that this thing will only escalate, outlawing more and more stuff and eventually creating a new fascistic world order, serving the vision of its masters.  It’s not the ban on whatever games and doujinshi that’s at stake here.  It’s much, much more serious than that.  It’s not the “what is banned”, it’s the “why” that matters.  As I said, when you give up things for no reason, they’ll take away the rest for no reason, too.  People are obliviously opening the doors for more regulations, more bans, more supervision, more enforcement, more irrationality, and certainly less rights.   When “we ban X because we say so”, we can also “ban Y because we say so”, “ban Z because we say so”, “ban *whatever* because we say so”.

Effectively, “give us any and all of your rights… because we say so.”

Whoever likes a world like that, be happy, these supposedly “sane and perfectly justifiable” bans will only be followed by regulations that make even less and less sense.  Why? You know why already.  Because they say so.

So everyone, enjoy your other anime, doujinshi, books, movies, games, for as long as you like because, like the aforementioned stuff, they, too, will go down when the fascists of tomorrow decide it’s messing up the cute little world they created for themselves by right of human ignorance and just a tiny bit of brainwashing.

"By the way... You watch Phantom?! You like Phantom?! You're sick! I hate you! There's no place for psychos like you in my new world!  Yeah, if you like this, you're going to hell!"

"By the way... You watch Phantom this season?! You like Phantom?! You're sick! I hate you! There's no place for psychos like you in my new, wonderful world! Yeah, if you like this, you're going to hell! Murderer! And I bet you like lolis, too! Childlover!Die!!"

Yeah… after that, it’s that simple… And they said so, too…

PS Oh and here’s another funny remark… Someone who supports the bans said something like “While I enjoy them, albeit not without guilt, I’d hate to see my kids enjoy them” (meaning perverted Japanese stuff) … To which hypocritical comment I had nothing to answer but “Why don’t you actually be a PARENT and set the example?”

PS2 Ok apparently some people [with (edit: ok, whatever, I’ll leave the trolling out)] can’t seem to be able to read the whole thing, or even remember just where the main issue lies, so I’ll be nice enough and actually BOLD more stuff to make it even clearer.  Also, taking the time to actually BROWSE the damn sources I’m handing out if you want to somehow argue about the issue would be nice.


3 responses to “Bans and how far they can go ~ Japan bans some, Germany considers others.

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  2. sunshinesan June 10, 2009 at 5:12 am

    That was… really long, but I enjoyed it because I agree for the most part. I’m not much of an activist, and if a domino-effect starts in advent to these bans, I’m gonna be in trouble because I love my lolis. One thing you forgot to mention is that it is the interactivity that distinguishes games from other mediums, maybe that’s why people are putting more of an effort to ban things like “rape games”. Also Sankaku Complex is awesome.

    • npal June 10, 2009 at 7:14 am

      LOL, Sankaku is fun indeed. About interactivy, is it better or worse? Will interactivity brainwash you easier or harder? Is being in control of what you see or of what you program to see by means of your actions better or worse than not having any control over the content? True, I can’t answer that. I’m not sure if there’s research REGARDING that. It would be interesting to see, cause as you might suspect, it could be one way, but it could also be the other way. The thing with the domino effect is that it CAN happen for pretty much anything cause the reason by which THESE bans take place is, up to today, unproven, with research actually pointing mostly the other way. Constructing invalid reasons to condemn things is the only easy thing.

      Do some of that stuff creep me out? Oh certainly. I myself might have also resorted to numerous bans like these on pure impulse due to personal repulsion or belief. But banning stuff like that and banning them because there’s a true solid reason is vastly different. The first one is just biased censorship and that’s what the case is here. Many of us would just love to censor stuff and in the end myself is included, but when you sit and think about it, there’s not much that actually gives you the right to do it, and when others do it like that, it can only get worse.