Mio cosplay?

Mio cosplay?

Ok, before I say anything, I still am annoyed with MARIA&JOKER. What I loved was Nana’s performance of it live :p I was literally gawking by the end of it XD

So for those who are lost, I’ll explain ^^ Two days ago, Wednesday 3rd to be exact (yes, day of ULTIMATE DIAMOND release), Mizuki Nana performed two songs at NHK’s music show, Wednesday Jpop. The first was Astrogation:

That was definitely not Nana’s best voice, but it was an OK performance regardless. Of course, it can’t compare to singing it while in midair but I’d say it’s a bit hard to do that on a rooftop :p Not to mention the skirt =3

Anyway, onto the interesting part now. The second song Nana performed was, against all predictions, everyone’s beloved (and my begrudged) MARIA&JOKER.

So, uhh… Yeah… Can you blame me for going back on my words (kinda) and saying that MARIA&JOKER is awesome >_>? When sung by Nana only that is. I seriously doubt I’d think anything of it if it were someone else singing, but Nana is Nana… She turns the crappiest of songs into masterpieces with her live performances apparently XP

Uff… It was cold and raining this morning… Why does it feel so hot all of a sudden >_>?

P.S. HIBIKI lyrics ftw~


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