So I was gonna talk today about how Aa can’t sing a ballad for all she’s worth ULTIMATE DIAMOND GOT FIRST!!!!!!!

It’s like the only phrase I can say atm XDDDD I completely forgot to check the oricon charts ’cause of how tired I was. Got home (had an exam in the morning) and slept. No, it’s not an excuse for forgetting and for being late in blogging about this, but who cares XDDD

My so-so exam be damned, today’s one awesome day 😀 My Seena figure also arrived, but I’ll have to pick it up tomorrow. And now this. And then I’ll have UD in my hands soon too. And and yah XPPPPP Oh gawsh I’m so happy I could fly right now XD Good thing I’m drinking Sprite now and not RedBull lol

So yeah, on its first day, ULTIMATE DIAMOND PWND THE CHARTS, with 24,430 sales, earning itself a well deserved first spot!!!!!!!! With the difference between it and the second album there, I’m guessing it’ll stay on the throne for a while, so all is good with the world ^^ huge Huge HUGE congrats to Nana for this (what I wouldn’t give to be able to tell her this in person) and to all those who have supported her of course =) That includes us Nanamaniacs who have bought the album too ^^ We should be happy! We should be proud! We should be… *brain dies*

just… congrats… to all~

yay =3


3 responses to “ULTIMATE DIAMOND GETS NO.1 ON DAY 1!!!!!!!

  1. Anata June 4, 2009 at 8:22 am

    good day and hope it remains on the first spot for the rest of the week.

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