Mini update – More cheaper goodies for everyone! ^^

Ah... Akiba... home of my heart...

Ah... Akiba... home of my heart...

Well, it’s not really about Akiba, but it’s kinda close 😛  It’s actually a continuation of Mistress’  Good news for us poor people… Or is it bad? post. It turns out that HLJ is extending its SALES period (ie Anniversary – Part 2) up to June 19. There are a number of new things on sale as well as some of the ones that were already on sale during Part 1.Since I’m interested in figures, I’ll talk about figures.  The new figure array is mostly ok.  There are a number of good figures, although, personally, I’d have bought more figures during the previous month sales.  It seems like there are more well made figures in this bunch (I can’t remember the previous bunch that well though so I might be wrong), but there aren’t that many that I’d REALLY want to buy, unlike the first batch.  Still it IS a sale, and there ARE nice figures there, so if you have money, unlike me (I JUST paid for my 1/4 GoodSmile Nanoha and I’m expecting Saber Lily’s payment notice this month), you can go check.  Besides PVC normal figures, mecha fans should be sure to check the Dolls/ Action Figures category as many mecha figures are being sold there.  And no, unfortunately we’re not getting paid for the ad, but when there’s up to 60% off, you let fellow collectors know 😛

Anyway, that’s all, I bet Mistress will kill me cause I bumped down Ultimate Nana so if you’re reading this, give the post below a read to, if you’ve not done already.  You know, the one with the uber cute singer.

PS You can either google HLJ or check Mistress’ post (link provided above)


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