Leaving this in its original size... because I'm that happy :p

Leaving this in its original size... because I'm that happy :p

I know I’m a bit late (I’m actually currently wishing I hadn’t gone out today >_>) but, uhh, if you haven’t heard by now… Mizuki Nana’s ULTIMATE DIAMOND album got leaked yesterday!!!!!!! I’m not bothering with any links, it’s all over the place anyway. Shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on it XD

So anyway, there actually isn’t much to say about it, since 2/3 of it is already heard. Just a couple of things. Gimmick Game is AWESOME. Now that we have the proper version, it’s great >.< WAY better than silly radio rip (that’s why I said I didn’t like the songs to get streamed beforehand >_>). Erm, what else… I’m still annoyed at MARIA&JOKER, so I think I’ll just be ignoring it from now on. It’s also very nice to see a proper version of Dancing in the velvet moon~

Hmm hmm… Mr. Bunny was also much better than I thought it would be. I mean, I was feeling pretty awkward when it was about to start, but it turned out fine, so that’s all good. The 8th track, Shounen, can go die. It’s probably the only thing that ruins the album (I’m not counting MARIA&JOKER as something that ruins it, since it IS unique, and given the right promotion, it’ll definitely make many eyes (or ears, whatever) turn towards Nana). Oh, and the new version of Aoki Hikari no Hate is… erm… yeah… It’s kinda the same thing really… Just slowed down a bit, taken with some more emotion… But what I liked about the original version was how it made me jump in my seat (I’ve gotten a lot of weird looks directed at me so far when listening to it while waiting for the bus… ^^;;) so yeah, whatever.

Ok, now onto the best songs. What we have left are Chinmoku no Kajitsu (6th track), ray of change (11th track) and Yume no Tsuzuki (last track). Chinmoku no Kajitsu is like a mix between Orchestral Fantasia, Zankou no Gaia and Faith (prolly more of the first two though)… i.e. WIN. With my obvious love for Orchestral Fantasia, there’s no need for me to say which song became my top one this album :p

Next is ray of change. It reminds me of something… I’m not sure what… But it brings this fuzzy nostalgic feeling in me… I don’t know, but I love it. This might be me personally though, ’cause as I said, it’s reminding me of something… I really need to try remembering what that something is, ’cause it’s seriously making me feel nice -_-;;

And last, but gawsh not least, we have Nana’s 4th self-composed (it’s also obviously self-written) song. I literally had tears in my eyes while listening to it the first couple of times T_T I had said it’d be something like Sing Forever, and it kinda is, but I suppose being written AND composed by Nana gives it that special extra… Oh, the music’s nice too by the way, but I kinda care more about the lyrics and the way in which Nana sings it more this time around ^^

So, uhh, I wasn’t planning on writing a full review of the album, because I’m supposed to go back to studying now, but I kinda half did… Oh well, I’ll still write a PROPER review once I actually have the album in my hands. Leaked 192k quality obviously can’t compare to CD quality after all. Well, that, or if someone releases a flac version of it before my album reaches me.

Anyway, looking forward to the real thing~

P.S. I still don’t know much about the Intrumental Tracks CD, but I suppose I, for one, will be sending the application cards for sure, regardless of whether they’ll send the CD internationally. I still believe they should though… And they probably would… But you never know >.<

NOTE: GREAT ACTIVITY is still my favorite Nana album~ :p

EDIT: npal came up with a rather interesting discovery… As weird as this sounds, try playing Orchestral Fantasia and Chinmoku no Kajitsu simultaneously. They blend in so well together it’s actually scary >_> If you time it right, you can even get Nana to do the “aaaaah” at the same time, and the instrumentals will match. Funny thing is, they sound fine even with this crude mixing. Even the vocals don’t sound that off together, probably ’cause Nana uses a similar voice for both :p

We’re both curious about this, so we’re currently trying other stuff. Will keep you updated~


5 responses to “ULTIMATE DIAMOND – leaked =3

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  2. Anata June 1, 2009 at 6:11 am

    When Chinmoku no Kajitsu start, i got the feeling of Zankou no Gaia from its strings. But i stopped comparing it after a while, since i started to like it after looping it.

    I don’t see why a lot of people dislike Shounen though. Personally, it’s not bad. Being written by Yabuki Toshirou, it sounds like nana older songs. But i think that’s the reason. It is there for people who enjoy nana’s old style music. I’m lacking better words, but yeah i’ll leave it like that for a while.

    For Nana’s 4th song, i kinda like it. I’m glad Nana tried to compose different style of song.

    For personal favorite songs, i will still give the trophies to :
    -Shin Ai (i’m a sucker to love songs..nuff said LOL)
    -Mr Bunny (kawaii title?? yeah, i think it is XD. Came along with nice beat and rhythm)
    -Ray of change(I love it, the strings, the choir, how nana sings, but what makes me so interested on it is the lyric. Since my japanese is dull, i think i will wait for the album to arrive)
    -Astrogation (Lacking words to describe it. It’s just EPIC IMO)
    -Trickster (Same like Astrogation, i’m lacking words to describe it. But then again, they are main cover of Singles. Can’t really compare it to mere album songs)

    The others who come close are Etsuraku Camellia, Brand New Tops, Perfect Smile, Chinmoku no Kajitsu. I need to listen those more to be able to describe it.

    I’m totally satisfied with this album. I don’t have particular songs which i don’t like (i will give MARIA & JOKER just a LOL though, not that i dislike it). So yeah that’s my bottom line. Sorry for building a wall of text XD

    • npal June 1, 2009 at 1:03 pm

      I kinda prefer Nana’s older style but didn’t really like Shounen. Although unlike the rest, I didn’t really mind listening to it either.

      My personal favorite is ray of change, I like some others, like Brand New Tops and Perfect Smile, the rest well, they’re meh at best 😛

    • Re-Hikari June 1, 2009 at 9:42 pm

      Kinda funny you say “mere album songs”, ’cause my personal favorites in this album are Chinmoku no Kajitsu, ray of change and Gimmick Game. Yes, I like them better than Shin Ai, or Trickster, or Astrogation (although this one comes close to my favorites). So yeah, apparently, I like the album songs better :p But of course, I’m one of those that don’t think Eternal Blaze is TEH awesomeness (unlike 90% of the Nana fandom apparently) so yeah, I always end up liking different stuff it seems…

      • Anata June 2, 2009 at 8:23 am

        LoL not always IMO. As if i’m not mistaken, 2 of your favorite nana songs are actually the same as mine (though i like 90% of nana songs, even some are character songs). And it seems those songs appeal to majority of the fans too XD

        And just for your information, i don’t consider Eternal Blaze as an epic song too. What makes me like about it is how passionate Nana can sing that during Live. I rarely played Eternal Blaze, i usually prefer to watch the live version.