7777 lucky bastards will be getting Ultimate Diamond Instrumental Tracks

Ooh, 7 days left!!

Ooh, 7 days left!!

Mizuki Nana’s official website (Nana Party) just announced the release of something called “ULTIMATE DIAMOND Instrumental Tracks”. I doubt there’s a need to explain what that will be or what it’ll include. It’s also mentioned on her Ultimate Diamond special page, in case you want a direct link.

Anyway, before getting your hopes up (and thinking that Nana hates our wallets, like I did at first :p), it turns out, the thing won’t be put on sale. Instead, they’ll be sending cards with the Ultimate Diamond album that people will have to fill out and send back. Then, out of all those, they’ll pick 7777 (yeah, I know) people RANDOMLY and give them the thing. Oh, and the final date by which you can send the application card is July 7th (or 7th of the 7th :p) I think.

I have no idea whether we can send applications from outside Japan or how the thing works exactly anyway. I also don’t know when they’ll be sending the Instrumentals CD, or if it will be put on sale eventually, so yeah, this is a rather incomplete post. I’ll be going around asking and looking for more info about this, so stay tuned~


5 responses to “7777 lucky bastards will be getting Ultimate Diamond Instrumental Tracks

  1. Anata May 28, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    will you send one ?

    i think i will wait for people opinion on the instrumental tracks first. -.-

  2. Re-Hikari May 28, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Yeah, ’cause Re-Hikari’s luck with draws is beyond crap… Actually my luck in general is rather crappy, but not really, no, I’ll send it with my own name obviously :p And I suppose that answers Anata’s question.

    I’m definitely sending an application card (or more, depends on if I manage to get enough money to order the regular edition of the album as well before the final date…), regardless of the shipping cost of that… But the question is whether they actually accept ones from overseas >_>

    • npal May 28, 2009 at 3:07 pm

      Makes me doubt that they do… Like most of those online contests and stuff being “US residents only” fail

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