Yamada Yuu can sing in english!!



I’ve been waiting for this song for ages!! Yu Yamada’s “free” AKA Basquash! Ending theme. I just got my hands on the single like, a couple mins ago, and boy was the wait worth it ^^ For better or worse, I’m REALLY not into this kind of music usually, and proof of that is that I hardly liked the second song (Gonna Believe) on the single. It’s a good song in it’s own category, but yeah, that category in particular isn’t my thing. I did like the way it started though… quite a lot too. Anyway, it’s a completely different story when talking about free though :p

Of course, free has a huge advantage compared to the other song, and it’s that it’s actually an anime’s ending, so I’ve listened to it several times already. It’s also true, however, that I actually liked free from the very first time I listened to it… So, uhh, which is it really? Doesn’t matter XD It’s a sexy song, with proper English for once, that’s nicely mixed in with the Japanese to give it a really cool sound. The music’s BIG time catchy too, very dancy, and fun ^^ Oh, and the chorus is awesome as well 😀

I think you get the point, lol. It’s a really cool song, so go get it now!! Pity the PV’s kinda plain, but it still had some amusing dancing choreography. Oh yeah, I couldn’t help but wince at the girls dancing with these HEELS… I’m already dreading my relative’s wedding this summer ’cause I’m gonna have to wear really high heels (I’m SHORT ok >.< Needed to get high heels for the dress to not look so crappy >_>) and yet we get these three ladies properly dancing in heels that are almost as high as the one’s I’m gonna wear… woohoo @.@

Anyway, as usual, here’s the youtube video embed of the PV~

Kyaa~, definitely looking forward to those Insert songs that keep getting played during the Basquash! episodes >.< Oh, and the Basquah! sound track… That should be entertaining too~


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