Of Spirals, Loops and Mazes @.@

No, I'm not going cross-eyed <_>

No, I'm not going cross-eyed <_>

Two things to comment on today. First off, let’s start with all the spinning~

The OP+ED single for the anime Asura Cryin’ (which I am not watching, if anyone cares) came out a couple days ago, and it’s by no less than angela!! If you don’t know her, she’s done the opening and the two endings for Shikabane Hime (Aka and Kuro) and those are actually the only songs I know of hers ^^; Weird how she seems to get both OPs and EDs each time…

Anyway, when I first heard the Shikabane Hime songs, I immediately liked them (except the second ending. That took some getting used to), but I had a bit of a problem with her voice… However, I can’t even remember what that issue with her voice was… Because I love it now XD So yeah, strong voice plus cool personality (I loved her attitude during Animelo 2008 XDD), she’s only missing the music… angela’s music isn’t bad, but it’s a bit too similar (and I don’t even know that many songs of hers >_>;) and I don’t like the KATSU dude that does the music either >.< Dragon Ball hair is fail >.<

Where was I… Oh yes, the Spiral/Link single. Let’s see… It’s a bit hard for me to decide whether I like the opening or the ending better… I like both, but neither is that great… I still do recommend the single for anyone looking for something… interesting… to listen to. Or something good anyway. The ending is a slow song where angela’s voice is probably at it’s best. A lot of high notes for her awesome voice to follow. All is good, all is good.

The opening, which I’ll admit, took more time to get to me (so what? Doesn’t that mean I actually like the ending better o.O? I suppose it does…), is kinda what I’m expecting from angela from now on. It really reminds me of the Shikabane Hime opening (although I think Beautiful fighter was a bit of a more powerful song) but I think I like this one better XD Now, what’s really amusing about Spiral is actually the PV. I seriously thought I was getting cross-eyes at some parts o.O It’s really got nothing special, but a lot of double (more like triple and quadruple and +++) effects were used, so it’s… amusing… yeah. Anyway, here’s the embeded video~

So that’s that :p Aren’t all those angelas fun ^^

Now onto something more fun~ (I wasn’t even planning on writing so much about angela XD)

Back at the end of 2007, savage genius’s composer, Takumi, announced his retirement, leaving writer+vocalist Aa alone to keep up the savage genius name. Her new song, Maze, which is the ending theme of the anime Pandora Hearts (another one I’m not watching >.<) is clearly a make-shift song, with Masami Okui (o.O) composing it and some MACARONI (or Spaghetti, as npal had mentioned :p) person doing the arrangement. Oh yeah, and it's also featuring a very cute little lady called Ohmi Tomoe… I have no idea who this is, but she was cute enough in the PV to make me want to look her up (which I will do once I finish writing this long-ass post *nods*).

The song itself is okay, but I've definitely heard MUCH better from the previous savage genius… The more interesting aspect, however, is the PV ^^ I already mentioned how the new guest is cute, and I don’t have much else to say about her ^^; Her voice is kinda drowned out by Aa’s high pitched one >_>

When the PV started, for some reason I thought it was gonna be something like angela’s Spiral PV (see above :p)… That was probably because of the name… And because Aa was also standing in front of a mirror… Oh yeah, and the clock thing at first. Anyway, good thing I was wrong. The PV itself is better than Spiral’s, but its still nothing great. There was one thing that made me go wtf though, and it’s this:



I loled at the idea of Aa being a narcissist XD Especially this particular shot, where she (seriously) looks like she’s about to kiss her reflection in the mirror, but then stops abruptly midway and looks around slowly (while looking guilty and all o.O) as if to make sure no one saw that XD

I know this PV takes after the Through the Looking-Glass story (possibly more commonly known as “Alice in Mirrorland”) and that Aa seems to get the role of the Red-Queen (I think) while Ohmi gets the role of Alice, but that’s still no reason for the narcissism o.O Oh well, it gave me a good laugh, and that’s why I’m sharing it with the rest here ^^

Nothing more to say. Do give Maze some time though, it’s the kind of song you start liking better after a couple of listens, or that was the case with me at least. So yeah, that being said, here’s the awesome because Aa is awesome PV~

catcher in a maze~

EDIT: Ohmi was at last year’s animelo o.O And she’s pretty popular too o.O I’ve checked out a couple songs of hers, and they’re pretty decent too… I think I just found myself another nice artist :p More things to look forward to in this year’s animelo now ^^ (yes, she’s gonna be in it again. and guess what, same day as savage genius :p we’re obviously getting maze during animelo this year XD)


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