Totsugeki Love… Lion?

Epic Fukuyama is epic and May’n is teh hotness

For those who don’t know yet, the latest May’n Live DVD (May’n Act) has been out for some time ( you can get it from your local ~lol~ online store like cdjapan etc etc.)  Now, despite that having lots and lots of May’n goodness, there’s this totally unexpected duet in which May’n (who’s Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome’s singing voice) sings one of the old popular Macross 7 songs “Totsugeki Love Heart” along with an epic rock singer, Fukuyama Yoshiki (Macross 7 Basara Neki’s singing voice, who also happens to be a member of JAM Project).

So Fukuyama has this totally rough rock voice that does need getting used to (actually bro and I were making fun of him while watching Macross 7, what with him singing like that and chasing off aliens with his songs -or whales in one of the OVA).  Don’t get me wrong though, I really like him, many of his songs are really good and his live appearance in Animelo was pure awesomeness (do buy the BD Animelo version, Animelo has to be the best live out there for anime fans), not to mention his going all hyper on stage and being fun to watch.  If you haven’t heard of him, I suggest listening to some of his Macross 7 songs like “Try Again”, “New Frontier”, “Submarine Street” and “Parade”.  While “Totsugeki Love Heart”,  “Planet Dance”, “Power to the Dream” and Busou Renkin’s OP “Makka na Chikai” are probably more popular that the above, I much prefer the first group.

Anyway, his performance in May’n ‘s live was rather good.  What I really liked about their duet though was how May’n seemed to pick up his singing style and shift to it from her otherwise known Sheryl style,  although that change is not obvious when they sing together cause Fukuyama’s voice is too powerful and does tend to shadow the others if he’s really into it, but that’s probably the director’s problem as it could have been addressed.   But anyway, I actually didn’t expect May’n to be able to adapt like that, so I was rather pleased.  She really felt like Fukuyama’s kid there ^^

I forgot whatever else I wanted to say, I might add it later, so for now just enjoy :p

PS And here’s something of Nana to keep the mistress happy 😛

Epic instrumentals are epic… Oh and Nana is cute of course ^^ Damn, there’s too much epicness in this post 😛 Maybe I should have named it “Epic whatever is epic” ^^’


5 responses to “Totsugeki Love… Lion?

  1. Anata May 20, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    I think fukuyama’s voice is what people should call as GAR lol

    His voice would definitely suit some super robot pilot…too bad i’ve never seen him doing seiyuu job..

    • npal May 20, 2009 at 8:31 pm

      LOL, Basara WAS a Valkyrie Pilot in Macross 7 so yeah, they could have him act, but I kinda doubt he WANTS to be a seiyuu. I mean really, why bother 😛 His career is apparently successful enough as it is and he started off as a singer anyway, unlike Nana whose first single is in 2000 and her first acting role is in 1998 if I remember correctly.

      PS Mistress says Nana had her first enka single in ’93 under another name, but I contest that that doesn’t count 😛 So my opinion still stands 😛

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  3. C.R July 5, 2009 at 2:10 am

    “Rough rock voice”?! I didn’t get that, do you have something against J-Rock?