They're the same… orz

No it's not >.<

No it's not >.<

I LOLed at my own pathetic discovery yesterday… Remember my K-ON! 06 post? And the car model that I didn’t know? I actually spent some time trying to figure out what car model it was, even going to the lengths of wanting to show my mom the video so she could tell me (it never happened though… I was ignored when I asked her T_T). I still have no idea what model it is… And I’d actually forgotten about it and all… But it came back to haunt me T_T

I was being my usual lazy self yesterday, and was brainlessly watching some of the NANA CLIPS videos while jumping around in my room for no reason… Then this appeared…

My very own idol had to remind me of it...

My very own idol had to remind me of it...

Yes, that’s from Nana’s SUPER GENERATION PV… It’s the very same car model… and it’s pink too!! So, uhh, my curiousity was picked again… Anyone care to shine the light on me and tell me what the darn car model is -_-? My lack of knowledge in cars is really beyond helpless… But I can always hide behind the excuse of “I’m a girl, so it’s ok” ^^

You know it’s not like this is some important question, but it’s a bit annoying when there’s something I want to know (no matter how insignificant that something is or how little I actually care about it…) and there’s no way around to get my answer =/ Oh well, hopefully I’ll know… eventually XD

P.S. I also have a little something to comment about savage genius’ rather… amusing… new pv, but I’ll leave that until I have a better quality version of the video~

EDIT: I just got told what it is!! Thankies xblade for the info XDD Oh yeah, for anyone who cares, it’s a 50’s Cadillac!! Which reminds me… Didn’t Nana mention that in the PV commentary -_- …? Not sure, but it could be… I can’t believe I didn’t think of checking that first >.<


4 responses to “They're the same… orz

  1. npal May 20, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    You know, it could just be an old american muscle car, who cares? :p It’s your usual random 60s-80s or so american car :p

    • Re-Hikari May 20, 2009 at 5:22 pm

      I wouldn’t call it random if it got both on K-ON! and on a Nana PV :p Not to mention I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it many times before too XD But its not like it really matters, I’m just curious :p

  2. nubitox November 3, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    I belive its a Lincoln Premier Cabriolet. I may be too late, but now you got it. =)