Ok, so I took the bait…

Yeah, I know...

Ringooooo~ ... No wait, it's a TRAP!!!

So here’s me!



Not really sure how I ended up here or what I’m supposed to do.  Something along the lines of  “you’re my slave now, mwahahaha” and  “post whatever” I suppose.

So anyway, I’m known by many names around the www but in general the anime fan population knows me as npal (it’s an acronym, it doesn’t mean anything like that).  I’m an avid Fuyou Kaede fan, pretty notorious for that, too.  I’m also part-time author, part-time psychology student, part-time slacker, full-time slave (*grumble grumble* >_< ) and I generally watch anime on a pretty regular basis (although there’s this nasty tendency of overloading my disks with anime I haven’t watched yet).  I used to be a obssessed anime figure collector, till money kept running out so I had to drop my annual figure count from 12+ (more like ++) to 3-5 at most.  I generally prefer harem, comedy, romance and slice-of-life over the rest (usually), but I sometimes end up watching some mecha, horror, drama, some other random action stuff, like girls with guns, etc etc.  No, I don’t read manga, I never liked black and white stuff (I preferred colored comics when I was a kid).  I mostly listen to japanese music, mostly anime songs and anime OSTs although I might listen to a more mainstream album of an artist I like.  My favorite artists include Tainaka Sachi (^^), May’n (/drool – Megumi’s nice, too ^^), Granrodeo, Kajiura Yuki (and all her collaboration stuff like FictionJunction and Kalafina), Meguro Shouji (Persona 3, Persona 4 best games ever), Horie Yui (mainly cause she’s teh cuteness), FLOW, Fukuyama Yoshiki (epicness), Masami Okui, KINYA, Kishimoto Hayami and many others.  I occasionally listen to stuff from Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari (Akazukin FTW… No wait, it’s Nanoha… Ah well, who cares, epic lolis are epic), KOTOKO, Kawada Mami, Ali Project (Arika-samaaaa~ ^^ ), IKU, Anza, Enomoto Kurumi (Bouken Suisei owns everything) and many, many others (there’s no point listing EVERY artist and song I listen to and like at least somewhat).  My favorite all-time song is Mienai Chizu by Anza, it’s an insert song from my all-time favorite anime, Card Captor Sakura.  And no, I’m not a girl, as many of you already know :p

In short, I’m somewhat of a nutcase but there’s a pattern to this insanity.  Anyway, I guess I’ll be blogging whatever comes my way, be it anime or some other stuff.

So yeah, I hope I have fun! … Or you for that matter…

PS Tama-chan rules!

PS2 Tama-chan = Kawazoe Tamaki from Bamboo Blade.


8 responses to “Ok, so I took the bait…

  1. xblade May 20, 2009 at 12:24 pm


    lolz. thx for the comm.

    it’s a bit of a work in progress type of page..i made it but i dunno what i wanna post on it…:)

    well…keep reading maybe something cool will come up.

    btw. i like what u done to this place though it’s really freakin me out. there’s a limited number of oversized eyes i can handle =))

    will keep an eye on your future…work..;)

    over’n out

    • Re-Hikari May 20, 2009 at 1:01 pm

      Hahaha, must pay attention to post author :p The person you know (and who commented on your blog of course) is Re-Hikari (or, well, me :p). npal (author of this post) is just… my slave :p Made him join the blogging yesterday ^^

      Aaa~anyway, since we’re at it, welcome to the blog, both of you guys~

  2. Anata May 20, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    lol…i thought you are the only one in here

  3. BlackberryTime May 25, 2009 at 8:36 am

    O.O invasion! Slave labor! Revolt! Spam! Tama-chan almighty! Blackberry time-over and out.