Badass Hamasaki ftw ^^

Me is sleepy...

Me is sleepy...

I’m currently trying to write something for my Kazoku no Kizuna fanfic… but I’m really really sleepy, even though I woke up late, and pretty much just laid on the couch all day… Anyway, I suppose not doing anything all day except go out for a little walk does that too >.<

So anyway, I took a little break, read the Lyrical Death Note doujin (I’ve had it in japanese for ages XD It’s so good to see it finally getting translated ^^). Me recommends it to… well, everyone. Even if you haven’t even watched Death Note or Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha XD It’s still a fun read regardless XD And now onto the point of this post…

I also just watched Hamasaki Ayumi’s “GAME” PV!! Yes, I realize it’s rather old, but it’s pretty cool anyway XD I’ve kinda gotten over the whole badass female rocker thing, but Hamasaki still manages to make songs like these that entertain *nods* Honestly speaking though, neither the song or the PV is that great XD The song itself sounds like all her other rockish songs, and I’ve seen that kind of “creepy but not really” music videos a lot already, but somehow I still found the mix attractive enough to actually stop my KnK writing and post about it instead. I’m still too lazy/sleepy to actually bother with screenies though. Maybe tomorrow :p

For now, my only comment is… What’s up with the martial artist -_-? Was he some kind of preparation for her “RULE” PV o.O?? Oh yeah, and that top hat reminded me of Nana’s “Trickster” PV XD (Although I think this one came first?) Both PVs have that black and white feel too (actually, more black than white, lol), so yeah :p Hamasaki was just missing the tie XP

Eeh, I realize this is a short post, but I really don’t feel like taking snapshots and uploading them at the moment… If I’m feeling better tomorrow, I’ll think about it. For now, just enjoy the embeded (o.O?) video~

P.S. I just realized I should write a proper post about Hamasaki’s RULE song… I know how hard it is to even find a streamed version of it, but I managed to download a really good quality version of the PV some time ago, so yeah, we’ll see about that~

EDIT: After a couple more listens… I realized her voice in some parts reminds me a lot of t.A.T.u. >_>; Damn I haven’t heard any of their songs in AGES XDD I think I’ll just stick to Hamasaki’s mechanical (what? I can’t even think of a way to describe it in the state I’m in now >.<) voice for the time being ^^;


4 responses to “Badass Hamasaki ftw ^^

  1. Anata May 17, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    One thing i noticed from watching her PV and have been wondering for a while now…what makes hamasaki still popular in Japan and some countries ??.. I just couldn’t understand even i have heard her musics for years…Can u shed the light for me??

    • Re-Hikari May 17, 2009 at 2:45 pm

      lol, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from looking at the world, it’s that you shouldn’t question people’s tastes… It’s for your own sanity’s sake :p But I’ll try to answer your question anyway :p

      Hmm hmm… Well, for starters, you might have noticed that in my post I talked more about Hamasaki’s “badass” attitude than about the actual song or the PV, so I can really come up with just one answer and that’s that Hamasaki’s main selling point is her attitude. Call it charisma if you want :p Well, there’s that, and that she’s very pretty :p

      It’s really the same as what applies to most main stream things now a days. What makes Rihanna so popular despite her crappy “Umbrella” song o.O? Same applies for main stream anime. Why is Naruto so ridiculously popular? Even popular anisong singers like Kuribayashi Minami… Someone tell me what’s so great about her ugh generic songs >..< You’re gonna need to understand the lyrics though, ’cause they’re a huge part of the song’s awesomeness~

      • Anata May 17, 2009 at 4:25 pm

        i’m not really questioning in the way “hey, her songs and voice are so generic..what’s so special??” but more like i’m wanting to know why people like her(to give myself inspiration for what i should pay attention to when i watched her PV or listening to her music…maybe i will also start to like her if i know the reason ). But yeah, maybe u would take that as questioning people’s let’s leave it just like that (After all u have answered my question before)

        for kuribayashi minami’s songs.. well, i kinda agree with you on the lyric part.

  2. Re-Hikari May 17, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Actually, the thing didn’t show my comment properly. I hadn’t said anything about Kuribayashi Minami’s lyrics :p (I actually had a line right after talking about Kuribayashi about Hirano Aya’s ridiculously hyper songs, that still make her popular anyway ’cause she’s just too cute XD) The lyrics thing was because I had said something about Hamasaki’s “Moments” song, which is a darn good song, but you’ll have to understand it’s lyrics to see its real awesomeness…

    I really hate the way wordpress deals with comments… but anyway, yeah, give Hamasaki’s “Moments” song a try, it’s really hard to not like it :p