Good news for us poor people… Or is it bad?

Shopping bags ready? Well, put them back :p

Shopping bags ready? Well, put them back :p

Hobby Link Japan is one year old now!! Make sure you think twice before you decide to celebrate with them, ’cause it’s gonna cost money ^^

To celebrate their anniversary, HobbyLink decided to put some awesome sales up, so if your wallet was starting to feel heavy, don’t worry, they’ll take the weight off of you =D The site pretty much speaks for itself, so I don’t have much to say, except that I’ve already ordered my Seena figure ^^ (the pretty one where she’s smiling that is :p I don’t like the other one XD) Funnily enough, my Teana figure arrived just yesterday… Before you wonder why it took so long (’cause it actually came out back in February I think) it’s cause I ordered it from a local shop here, not online. If I’d known about the sales beforehand, I’d have told them to keep the figure at the shop and ordered it online with the sale instead… But oh well, what’s done is done. I don’t think the difference would’ve been that huge anyway, since I got it for relatively cheap, dunno why.

So yeah, if you find anything nice, make sure you get it quick, ’cause the quantities are extremely limited >.< Oh, and share what you’re gonna get here!! The site’s starting to look like a ghost blog… Me wants to see comments~

P.S. Cross your fingers and hope this will be enough of an incentive to make me finish that Seena drawing I started who knows how long ago >.<


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